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i took a trip

It's funny how it seems
time gets all turned around.

You look back and see forward; think:
What time is it, now?

Yesterday, at 14
I thought 5 was young.

Now I'm 50 and at 25 I was a kid.

Now, I wonder, what will life be like at 75,
God, if I make it,

and if I don't, where will I be?
Will I be?

How can I go on,
if I'm not going to be there?

Ever wonder how impossible that sounds?
Yet the more I think, the more I think
until I think so hard,
I have to stop thinking or
I'll get so scared,
I'll die.
I'll literally scare myself to death.
I don't want to find out.
I don't want to die.


I'm too young too die.
Is it true, everyone has to?
No exceptions?


Didn't one man say,
He made it?
He'd show us the way?


i took a trip

Stefan - thanks for your poem - the answer wanted to be done in a poem? too:

Birth and Death - Death and Birth

There is fear
When there is birth – why?

There is fear
When there is death – why?

Cut off the fear from your heart
When there is birth

Cut off the fear from your heart
When there is death

Is there a tear
My dear?

Live a full life in love
the cycle here on earth

I am the Birth and I am the Death
I love you
When I come to meet you
As one of your very best friends

We met so often
When you were curious to come to earth
When you were tired to stay for longer
only wanted to relax

I am the Death and I am the Birth
I come to you
Because I love you
I am your friend
With me you learn to understand
What’s going on
What’s to be transformed

And we laugh together

Cut off your fear
May be there is a tear
In your eyes and mine
Because we meet in love


Dear Stefan and Veronika,

Stefan, I have taken that same trip with you!

Veronika, what a world it would be if everyone answered with a poem!

Each poem can be so different and still express universal Truth.

Thank God for poetry.

Incidentally, when I taught school, I was referred to as the Poetry Teacher.

With love and blessings,


Born to Die?

Came here.
Nothing there.
I was there for ever.
I expect to be here
for Eternity.

I don't believe Heaven is Out There.
If I can't find YOU within Me,
I am the Emptiness of Outer Space.

In this Emptiness,
a TEAR, the merest expression of any emotion;
would be more welcome
than the breast
to a hungry baby;
seperate for hours from mommy dear.

As for Joy and Love?

If it's an instant away,
I know,
It'll never come.

I have seen the substance of time.
It's a lie.

We will wait forever for nothing,
but to wait forevermore.

Now is the only time there is.
What is now is then.

You said all that needs to be said and
Thanks a lot.

A real lot!