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The Power of Love.

Oh God.
Are you happy with me?

Sometimes things seem so hard.
Sometimes it seems you must hate me.

I don't know why I can't be perfect.
Why do I think the way I do?
Why do I feel the way I do?

You made me human, right?
To what end did you do this?

What purpose, who's reason
Would you have me serve?

I want to be free as the birds.
Free as the breeze.
Free as the grass that grows in the wild plains.

Why does it seem sometime
to me;
You don't like me;
You'd hinder me;
You persecue me;
You try to keep me from my chosen pursuits?

Do you have a goal in mind for me
I'm not aware of?

Tell me if it is so.
Don't keep me in suspence.

I wish to do what I like doing;
The things which make me happy,
bring joy,
and pleasure.

Help me, dear God;
I ask you
with humility;


The Power of Love.

Dear John,

WOW! You managed put all the human life and its feelings in this poem. Maybe this quote from God's answer to Diane can say something to you:

If you have to blame, and sometimes My children do, then I am a good one to blame. I can take it. Consider Me a pillow you pound. Finish pounding, and I will still smile at you.


The Power of Love.

Dear Paula;

You know, I just separated from my wife of 10 years and it hurts.
I love her and she loves me, there's no doubt about it.
We just cannot live together any longer, because we cannot get along and we constantly cause each other endless tragic misery. I was so overjoyed when she left. Now, almost three weeks later, I miss her so bad. She desperately wants to come back home here, but if I let her; I certainly do fear the same thing will occur which has happened :cry: again and again and again. Professional Counselors and my family want us apart. I am at a loss. What would you do if you were me? I'd like anybody's worthwhile advice.


The Power of Love.

Dear John,
it's not possible for me to say what I'd do if I were you, nobody can. I'd have to be you and live your life. I can say that I'm in a similar situation with my husband, but I haven't got the courage to leave. They say that everything happens when the time is right. You've made a step, now give time to time. Things are always most difficult when they are fresh. So take some time and distance for yourself and for your wife to grow. Maybe you can communicate better at a distance. Just breathe and relax! Ask for guidance and help, and they will come. Perhaps, when Gloria comes back from the seminar, you can make a direct question to God.
Everything is in perfect order.

re:the power of love

Dearest John, I commend your courage and honesty of heart and mediate upon the love, peace and joy that is your truth...sometimes time does serve as a buffer of sorts that allows us to not forget but move on with a more peaceful, secure heart...and in the meantime, don't be afraid to feel but try not to let your feelings overrun your underlying balanced passion for life, for yourself, for her, for God, for all...not sure if any of this makes sense and no doubt advice is often adding a vice but love to you and love u r....with all my heart, knowing what it is to be confused and sad and not sure which way to turn...mike

p.s. I remember what Emmanuel once said re:choices, that perhaps it's best we right them on little pieces of paper and throw them all in the air and the first one that catches our eye or that we catch, follow that one and if doesn't feel right, do it again and follow the next...point being, sometimes we takes choices and directions so seriously that we forget to enjoy wherever we go, wherever we r and also that we do have choices, that we aren't limited in any way (though it often feels as so) let me know, if u wish, how it goes :)

re:the power of love


Your words make much sense to me. The pain I feel in my heart for her is an ache for all humanity to wake up
and listen to the call for honesty and purity in its relationship to all of its members.
Perhaps someday I'm sure things will appear clearer and I will have a much better idea of why I had to go through this struggle and it will all be worth the effort expened emotionally.
My thoughts can't reach the understanding of what all this means. My heart knows in the moment right now as I live this drama on Earth what my life means.
I am well aware of my wife's suffering. I would be quite well enough surprised to discover if she didn't know why she goes through it. I believe she does it for me.
This makes me a most blessed and grateful man. Indeed I certainly am.
I trust in God to bring me the light so my soul can direct my spirit to tell my heart how to feel so I can think clearly enough to make the decisions I need to, given the choices I have before myself.
I appreciate Your input so much. My opinion from this point of view, mine; is the rest will be easy for us.
We'll see, right?

John Riccio