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My Prayer

My Prayer...
by Lady Isis


Is for mankind to wake-up before it is too late.

For the masses to listen to the messengers sent to give you the opportunity of a lifetime. To give you all the love, devotion and information you need to ascend to the "Golden Galaxy."

For the masses to see the damage to Mother Earth they are causing by not accepting responsibility for their own actions and blaming it on others.

To see the pain and suffering they are creating by their lack of compassion for their fellow man. To see the pain in the eyes of the mothers, fathers and children in war torn countries.

To hear the cry of those who want freedom and equality. To stop the segregating one human being from another by seeing "your" kind and "my" kind ... for there is but one kind..."God's kind."

For all weapons of distruction made for but one thing... to kill, maim and destroy to be laid down by those using them and for them to say, "NO MORE!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!"

To see help for the homeless and starving all over the world.

To see world leaders turn to the Light and away from greed and control.

My Heart...My Soul... Is crying out..

For all the millions upon millions of human beings who are still treading the path of hate and bigotry.

For the cruelty to animals by those without love and charity in their hearts.

For those who are apathetic about everything around them.

My Heart and Soul is Grateful for...

All the Lightworkers who work so diligently to try and reach out to others.

My beloved Archangel Michael who has guided, protected and loved me throughout all the trials and tribulations, as well as the days of working together to complete our 'earth mission.'

For all the amazing people I have come in contact with through this medium...the Internet.

For all those who have worked with me day in and day out, year in and year out... by graciously allowing me to publish their work in my publication and on my web site.

And last but not least...For all you who are reading this and passing it on...helping to spread the Divine Light into a corner of the world. May we all meet in the "Golden Galaxy" and celebrate our Ascension together.

Just love

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