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A Bunch of Miracles!

I turned these things over to God recently, and here's how it went:

1. I wanted my former sister-in-law to contact me via email after 15 years, and my email was answered today! (about a 10 day wait)

2. I went on a national search for a particular bird to purchase and was turned down by everyone for various reasons. A lady who lives two miles away contacted me today and will provide the exact bird I want. (about a two week wait)

3. I was worried that I had a funky virus going on, I work in a doctor's office, and I turned it over to God and ONE day later all the symptoms were gone. (one day!)

Nothing to make the world stop rotating, but little things I turned over to God, and He heard and replied!

I'm a believer!

Thank you Lord! You even hear the silly things!

Nancy Nancy

This is profound what you write. And very inspiring.

What more miracles does God have in store for us!

I think this forum is a great place for us to list them.

Think of it, we can communicate so quickly with one another, wherever we are.

We live in a miracle.