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Heavenletter Bumper Stickers


I'm happy to hear you like the stickers. Heavenletter will spread its light through out the globe, and you're right the donation concept is good, just like by the hat, and as gifts for purchases too. Soon enough they'll be as common as those "I support our troops" but with a love message instead, uh?

You know the other day I happen to rent "Ghandi" especial edition, what a movie, and what a perfect example of all heavenletter is about, such love radiated within him that even those Colonists felt impotence to his message of love and had no choice but to resonate with him and gave India its "INDEPENDENCE."

He also said something very right: "When you have doubts there's a Higher purpose, think of all the events through out human history, there has been evil, but even when they seemed to stay for a long time, in the end love has always triumphed, it may have taken a long time in our relative world, but good always came up victorious". It's the natural course of creation.

Why can't all presidents in the world be like him? Instead of fighting powerful countries would be helping poor ones, so that we all benefit. Rich countries are doing good in this new global warming consciousness and improving their technology, but poor ones can't do much about it. We still have this separatist mentality, there's no separate, even if we go super clean and efficient, polution from less developed countries will continue to affect the planet.

Thank you, let me know if you run out of them, I'll send you more before going to Peru in 3 weeks, where I'll also hand out stickers to as many people as I can, it's the poor who need more enlightment. That was another comment of Ghandi, "India is not Calcuta or just the big cities, India is the millions of villager on the outskirts who struggle to survive."



Wonderful Heavenletter

Wonderful Heavenletter stickers !! do you think we could also translate some stickers in italian language (and/or make them directly here in Italy) ???
A question: is it correct that until now there isn't a specific italian link to go directly to the italian Heavenletters ? I mean first we come to the english homepage, then to the forums and there we can select all other languages which we look for ? Many thanks !
a dear hug

This is in reply to both

This is in reply to both Pedro and Berit.

Pedro, God bless you for your creativity and your generosity. What a gift. You can answer Berit's question about bumper stickers in Italian better than I. And I will come back to you in a minute!

Berit, maybe you would pick out a short quote or two that you would like in Italian. Pedro has offered the bumper stickers to Heaven as a gift. How far he can extend himself, we will have to see because the bumper stickers are going to be very popular and in demand. Not you, Berit, because you donate so generously with your translations, but as others donate for bumper stickers, maybe Pedro will allow us to help him out.

The next Heaven News, which I just sent to Khanyi Media today, features the bumper stickers under a category called Miracles!

Berit, as to a link to the translated languages, I have the same question. I understand that there is great benefit to every language having its own website, but we want to link to it too! I will pass your question on, dear Berit.

Now I am not able to see your beautiful comment, Pedro. Only Berit's. So I will close now and start another comment more for you when I can view your comment.

With love and blessings,


P.S. I am going to ask too if it is possible to see the string of comments when we post.

Caro Fratello and dear

Caro Fratello and dear Gloria,

I hope I spelled it right, I picked up some Italian living in Chicago for 20 years...I can send you a batch made in Italian too if you send me the translation for this quote, and your address of course:

"You are one who walks right up to life and says, I'm here let's go!"

As Gloria said and I hope, the stickers I send are used and get popular, it would be great, that would mean people are being touched by them, realizing we can all play the same music with our own musical love orchestra in our hearts, these letters have helped me tune up to my heart's station previously distorted by the noizes of the mind, each letter, a unique song but all soothe with the same music of love thay happilly play and teach us how to play ourselves those unused instruments of ours.

Gloria, it's a blessing I have a lot of work, I desired that to achive dreams and God had always been there with me, can't deny though, as in the movie you saw, I also misstreated him plenty by being in my mind, home of the ego, but he always loved me, I know this because of all he's allowed me to have, I now desire to be in my heart all the time, thanks to Heavenletters I'm discovering how to achieve that state more often, it opens hearts.

I will keep them coming. I do it as a gift to all those who find peace reading them as I feel reading them.



Dear brother Pedro, your

Dear brother Pedro,

your italian is perfect, my compliments, only... I am "cara sorella" for Berit is a woman's name. Huh:
Don't bother about it, I'm quite used to, just wanted to let you know :big

Concerning the quote you proposed to translate into italian, it seems a bit heavy in italian.
I asked Paula (who does the italian translations) and we agreed to find together some quotes for bumper stickers.

I know 2 shops where they make bumper stickers and will see, maybe with a file or if you can send me the layout, if they can do them. I'd really love to spread Heavenletters bumper stickers, it a great way to spread God's love messages !!

I'm making a similar experience concerning being in one's heart, staying connected to love. It opens hearts, as you say, mine and that of other people. When open hearts encounter each other it is heaven, it doesn't even matter if you never saw this person before, the love is just there and you feel like you have always know this person.
What a beautiful heart you have dear Pedro!

Love and blessings to you dear

Dear One, I LOVE the

Dear One, I LOVE the stickers. A little more about them in response to Berit which I am guessing will appear below, but not sure! It will be here somewhere!

It was long ago that I saw the movie of Ghandi. I love everything you quoted from the movie. Pure truth. And then your comment: "Why can't all presidents in the world be like him? Instead of fighting powerful countries would be helping poor ones, so that we all benefit."

What you wrote reflects the theme of a Heavenletter. God said something like: "If everyone helped his brother, there would be no poor."

You know, I almost can't read anything or see a movie that doesn't somehow mirror Heavenletters! In fact, I am going to write a blog about that.

But right now I will tell about a movie I saw recently on TV. It's a light movie, and it's possible I'm the only one who would like it. It was called Home Boys. Here were these four friends who were far from perfect, yet it was easy in the movie to love them, flaws and all. They didn't always like each other, but, oh, there was love. I remember a Heavenletter in which God says: "Love anyway." This movie was about taking life as it is.

Tomorrow I will be sending a batch of bumper stickers to a fine gentleman in Nigeria who will distribute them.

Thanks for posting, dear Pedro.

God bless you.

With love, Gloria

Indeed if everyone helped

Indeed if everyone helped his brother, there would be no poor <--- excellent for a bumber sticker I think ! :big

I will sort out some phrases of the italian Heavenletters. I can check if I can get them made. It would be helpful to have one or two examples of bumber stickers in a file format and then just insert the italian translation, but obviously all the layout should be perfectly identical.

I still think that T shirts would also be fantastic, I would sureley wear them !!!

The question about the direct link to the translations arouse because I did try to explain on the phone to a dear friend of mine how to go the italian translations, but she found it confusing (maybe my explanations was confusing... :? ) and preferred that I keep on sending her the italian translations till the direct link was available. Many many thanks again.

All my love