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Questions and answers

Was talking to Gloria about this, I am suggesting a place for some questions and answers. General info, references to Letters, personal insight, things God may have told you that relate.

Some of us have not taken the Godwriting course and have general questions. Answers can in any form. An example may be: Are we sure God loves us. You may respond with certain Letters addressing this, something from a Letter you personally received from God, or some "fact".

One question I have, is what does the voice of God sound like? Male/female, neither...
Another one from me is: Can you call on God for a response on anything at any time? God on Demand!

There really isn't any place else on the web to ask certain would be a good place!



Great question, Nancy.

We're going to have a new web site soon, and the forum will be part of it.
I believe there will be changes in maneuverability.

I will send your question here to the technical angels who are working on the website.

Meanwhile, just put your questions wherever you think.

Be sure you have signed up for Forum Subscriptions so you will be notified of any answers.

I am signed up, but for some reason, I didn't receive notice of this important post and just stumbled on it. So it's probably good to look around the forum as well.

There is also the Heaven blog which I know you are familiar with. If you have questions about Godwriting, there are plenty of entries there about Godwriting, and and questions you have could well go there.

Please know how welcome your suggestions are.

We are growing Heavenletters and this forum and the blog, and your input is welcome and needed.

Thanks, Nancy.