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In Good Standing

a 2nd try...the 1st redirected me and didn't go thru...

*this probably could've been named In God Standing or In God, Standing but it's how i sent it off to fam and friends today...we'll see:) peace

Our good standing with God
Isn't dependent

On how much we've loved
Or apparently have not

But is directly related
To our inherent, eternal relationship

As presently His Love
As forever Her Heart

That naturally shares
Not in pursuit of a win, afraid we may not fare

But as the river runs free
Like the ocean is deep

And more

For no points are given
Nor taken away

For good or foul play
Though it will feel as such

If we bottle up our flow
If we lessen our much

By pretending not to love
As if softness can really be tough

Yet regardless, anyway
It is all for play

A play
In which the characters are all kinds of characters

For what's perceived to be better or worse
Playing their parts

Whether it's one of opening up
Or feeling broken down, of breaking a heart

It's still merely an act
A part

Passionately played
Yet the fact always remains

The same
We are that we are


As far as God does pertain
And love loves and plays for the joy of the game

For the cause
Because Cause, Held

Has all its wants

So it then is loosed to experience to the hilt
Which is what it means to Be

In good standing
Created in the image and likeness


copyright @ 2007 Michael Mayer