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A Matinee

Is being out of step
Stepping "out" of
Is it what it seems?
Or is it really more the stuff of dreams
For if God is all and Heaven the perfect way
Then only in an imaginary, imagined state
Can there be marks written upon some slate
That would denote
Whether we sink or float
Whether we're tall or fall
It's all a tale of "Once upon a time...
Is befalling...
This or that...
To him or her..."
And yet there is a relevance here
To our missteps or mis-takes
Without something at stake
What would be the drama in place?
Without a place to appear to crawl then walk
Where could angels pretend not to have wings?
Without a time when communication is an outer thing
How could perfect sharing, at itself, balk?
Without dark
What's the redeeming power of light?
Without opposites
How could perfection create a night?
And so
Just some thoughts
Regarding continual struggle with to and fro's
And, then, the awareness within
That balances this
A kind of dynamic
Here you are and there you go

copyright @ 2007 Michael Mayer