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The Spirituality of a Child

The spirituality of a child
May be joined with
As our innate nature revealed
Yet is unrivaled
In its friendly efficacy
For it surpasses any and all judgments
Of manmade trials
That would wait
Before enveloping, before claiming
As does the innocent child
In its mild yet impassioned embrace

This is where every church and religion need have its beginning and end
Its start and finish
Along with its everything in-between
Again and again
For truth
Is in the bare essentials
The naked grass roots
Verily the very essence of our arrival
As the balm that soothes
Like the even breath
In its dynamic vibe
So, so alive
Of our "saving" grace
The spirituality of a child

copyright @ 2007 Michael Mayer

Thank you!

Very wonderful.

Thank you so much for posting your poetry.

Much appreciated!