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HEAVEN #2290 The Menu March 3, 2007

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HEAVEN #2290 The Menu March 3, 2007

God said:

You set out in the world in order to experience for Me. How many ways on Earth can life be experienced? And the experience changes at every moment. That there will be change can be predicted. What a particular change will be cannot be foretold. Yet I tell you to predict wonders. I tell you to predict the most marvelous things you can think of. Predict them. Imagine them. They are like scouts you send before you. They are, if not directives, at least pointers for the Universe to follow.

Beloveds, the world does follow your predictions. This is one good reason why you want to stop looking back. What has been has been. What will be can be another story. You do want another story, don’t you?

Pour out your gratitude in advance. Although you cannot map out your trip in exactitude, you can mark where you want to go. You have a map in your heart. You can put a star over where you want to be. You can travel to Happiness and Joy, Love and Beauty, Giving and Receiving, Courage and Honesty, Grace and Kindness, Peace, Adventure, Happy Relationships, and all kinds of Blessing. Heaven on Earth is a destination on the map within your heart as well.

When you plan a vacation to Hawaii, you look at pictures of Hawaii. Now make pictures in your mind of all the places you want to go. What will Peace look like when you get there? Run a movie of Happy Relationships. What will Courage look like? Put yourself in these pictures.

Sooner or later, in one way or another, your dreams do come true. At the very least, in your imagining, they come true. These dreams are truer than fear and worry. There is no place for fear, worry, anxiety and all those things you are so familiar with. They do not have to remain in your heart any longer. When you fill your mind with what you do not want, you are marking destinations on a map as well. Abandon that old map. It is no longer valid for you. Only positivity is valid for you now.

You take Me with you. Where would you like to take Me? What sights do you want to point out to Me? Certainly not the past. We’ve already visited there. We’ve had enough of the past and its perceived grief and all its explanations.

Consider today and what a wonderful day it will be. It will be more than a good day when you uplift your thoughts. Your thoughts are your tools for life. Keep them up to date and in good order. Take good care of them. They are important. Thoughts are the tools of the trade of life. Thoughts make up your day, and days make up your life.

You cannot order the Universe around. You can’t bully it, but you can request. You can order off the menu. You can order what has never been cooked before. You can request a new menu. You can go to a new restaurant. You can start a new restaurant yourself. First you conceive it. You design it. You think of it. You picture it. You choose its arrangement and its colors. You conceive the diners, and you change them from hungry to satisfied. You plan the décor. You welcome the Universe to your restaurant.

When you plan a meal, you picture it. You don’t just throw the ingredients together. You arrange the meal beautifully on the plate.

Conjure up your life the same, most beloveds, and remember you are the star of it.

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