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HEAVEN #2291 God’s Embassy March 4, 2007

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HEAVEN #2291 God’s Embassy March 4, 2007

God said:

Love, and be not attached. Desire, and not be attached. Whatever you do, don’t attach. Attachment of any kind is trying to hold the Universe in place. It is trying to take charge, order it around. Life has to flow, and attachment blocks the flow.

Love does not have to come to a stop and stay there. It is not a car that parks in a garage in its own parking space.

There is no one’s love you have to have but Mine, and that you have in abundance. And, of course, your own love for yourself whom I created from the fullness of My heart. How different loving yourself is from selfishness. Attachment is selfishness, beloved. Attachment says everything must be in place, as you would have it. Attachment is a fussiness. With attachment, everything must be just so. With attachment, you want to make life stop for you. You would hold it back. You would mark it in stone. You would draw a line under it. You would make it wait. You would tell it not to be life, but to be a still life, established, unmoving, inalterable.

But the tide of life ebbs and flows. Water moves. Life has its own course to follow.

When you attach, you swim upstream. Without attachment, without life’s having to be just so, life is mellow. With attachment, you see difficulty. You see obstreperousness. All the while, it is you who is obstreperous.

Determination is a good thing but only so far. Be determined about how you will proceed in life, but not determined in how life is to serve you. You lead your life. We can say you lead life itself, for surely you do, but you cannot lead it by the nose. Life may nudge you to go one way when you choose another. You do not always know when to persist against all obstacles, or when to change your direction.

Beloveds, you are on your way to Me whatever befalls in life. All the trinkets, all the medals in life, all the accomplishments fall by the wayside when you reach Me. You may still have them, but they are not what they once were. They are no longer integral to you. You may enjoy them, but you don’t have to have them. Let it be this way for you now. Pursue, and not have to have. Love with all your heart, and not insist that love be returned to you or returned to you in a certain way.

You are here to serve the world, not to boss it around. You are here to serve Me. Consider the world My embassy, and you My ambassador. As My ambassador, you are here to give My blessings, not to take ownership, not to put the world in your pocket, not to amass, not to pilfer, but to give, and to give further than you can throw.

You are not meant to be a taker. You are not meant to take ownership. You are not here to have your way. You have say over yourself, and no other.

The reverse of attachment is freedom, beloveds. And so you set the world free from your grasp. You work for the world, you serve it as a blessing given to you to give. You enhance your corner of the world, and so you enhance the world, and so you have great jurisdiction. You love, you desire, and you rise high. You influence the universe with every thought of yours. You reign, and yet you are not the Czar. You are free and unattached, and yet you are subject. Being alive on Earth means you serve. Do not think that being a servant is less than being a master. The master is one who serves. Am I not the Greatest Servant of All?

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