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The path is simple, but not easy

A fond hello to all the wonderful Ones who grace this message board. I will be moving soon and will not be back on-line for quite some time. I've been taking the ACIM lessons and it is now obvious to me that what God has been trying to say to us here at Heavenletters is true.

The path to enlightened (knowing your true Self) is simple. You are who your are, period. But to know and live this truth is not easy. Even if you are one such as I who has actually experienced the wonder and joy of Oneness.

All is God, and God's love radiated in all things. There is not but God's love everywhere present. God's joy and peace abound in omnipresence. All space is one space. All places are one place. Here and now perfection is made eternally manifest.

Do I see it? Do I even believe it?

Simple, but not easy.


Wait a minute! Dave, where are you moving to?!!! Are you leaving Sacramento or were you speaking more metaphorically?

"Where are you going? Take us with you." is a favorite line of mine from GODSPELL.

Please know how much we love you here, Dave.

A million blessings,