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Return Of The Sun Gods Audio Med


I just heard the below meditation now and really
enjoyed it.I immediately felt you all should listen and benefit from this.The music is soo wonderful,soothing and joyful-Reminds me of the music I heard while travelling in Planes.One of the words I like at the end of this meditation was imagine you are PARACHUTING down gently back to the Earth Plane from above the soul plane.
Do listen to it and enjoy!!

Hello,We invite you to listen to "Return Of The Sun Gods" meditation For FREE.This meditation was broadcast on Sunday September 25, 2005. Because we had so many people who joined us and truly enjoyed this process and we had so many people that where not able to join us, we invite you to enjoy the meditation again for Free on your computer. The meditation is about 55 minutes long,so relax,
turn up your speakers and ENJOY!!

Simply click on the link below and have a great day.Please share this with your friends


Jonette Crowley
Center For Creative Consciousness
5380 South Monaco Street
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Warm Regards,