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Almost Home

I have spent my whole life searching for meaning and purpose, discouraged in my youth, I was not convinced I would ever get home.
It has been a long, glorious, mind boggling road filled with wonder, temptation, mystery, and illusion.

I have come to believe life is as tough or as easy as we choose to make it. We coe-create our reality, one day at a time. We are the manifestation of our collective consciousness. We build as we go. Your heart truly does dwell where you place your energies. I am humbled by the complexity of this creation.

I am honored to be a participant, to channel my energies into rebuilding and renewal. I am a lightworker by trade, and a lightweaver by intention. I breathe life into dark and dismal spaces, I give love unceasingly. I promote healthy morals, and values. I encourage others to take the road of their choice. I do not need to preach a new morality, each one has their own, and who am I to say, your truth is not appropriate for you, on your path.

I give out of the overflow Christ has given me, I am a Christ entity, a being of love and light who radiates Christ Consciousness. What I achieve in this lifetime is only a small part of many incarnations, a small piece of a bigger puzzle. I am satisfied with what is, I am as I am, and that is enough.

I accept mistakes as part of my education, the means by which I learn. I accept love as is my right, as a child of a greater God. I cling to the hope that together we can change our world, and make a differance.

Namaste, Jo