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Greetings from Koshkonong, Missouri

Hello everyone, I am a fellow Lightworker on the path of Ascension. I have been for some odd 12 years, perhaps longer. I am an Empathic Sensiive with a background in Holistic Health and Healing, I am also a nurse.

I have been channeling Christ Consciousness since the fall of 1980. I experienced my initiation into spiritual awakening at the age of 24 in the midst of a brutal custody fight over a 3 year old. At that time I had gotten very involved with the Charismatic Renewal seeking guidence, fellowship and compassionate understanding.

I started journaling my conversations with God, and documenting responses to my heart felt questions. I prayed and God spoke to my heart. I knew that the words spoken did not come from me, I did not love myself that much.

I am told my writing style very much follows the Course in Miracles but I myself have never taken the course. I am Catholic by birth, but my spirituality is personal, and my own.

When I first started channeling I poured out my heart to God because It did not occur to me anyone would ever see my posts. I soon found out that was not to be the case. I grew up second of 4 children, timid, fearful and alone. I did not blend well with my peers. I had no sense of self esteem, nor could I begin to cope with conflict, or change. I felt ugly, overly sensitive, unwanted.

I am 51 years old now. My life reflects my choices. I set goals some odd 25 years ago. I wanted to Know my God in a way that few have at least in this day and age. My faith has grown along with me. I am no longer the frightened abused child who could not begin to understand.

I can remember God telling me he loved me, that he would never forsaken me. He spoke to me like one might speak to their beloved.

In 1995 I prayed to God for a mentor, I spent the next 10 years of my life apprenticing with my roomate who had a masters degree in Holistic Health and Healing. She and I spent the last 12 years anchoring the frequencies of magnetic love and electric light into the planetary grid.

We invested our time, monies, and energies into the Ascension manifestation of Beloved Terra. In the summer of 2004 we were told by our guides that Ascension had indeed been anchored into the planetary holigram. I was elated. That high proved to be short lived, within 3 months of the completion of our mission Lynn destablized and transitioned. I now work from this side of the veil, and Lynn works from the ascended masters guide collective.

When Lynn died Christ asked me to stay behind and hold the lght. I am told I needed to let her go so that I could step into my own power. That I could not bring myself to do that standing in her shadow. I am a Christed Being, beloved of Christ. That is who I AM, this is my call. To be the light, to anchor the light from the core of my being. I am the hands, feet, heart of my Creator. I am Love Incarnate. Namaste, Jo

Blessed Jo

Oh, dear Jo, what a testament to God you have written.
I am speechless.

I hope everyone can read your beautiful heart. You might want to post this under Your Own Spiritual Journey as well.

And I am so glad this is a community forum where people can speak their deepest hearts.

All my love, dear one.