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Ya Hey Dere!! MOOOOOving in!! (Wisconsin)

Ok She twisted my arm! (Gloria)..j/k

I am new to the forum altho I have been receiving "Heaven Letters" daily now for a few months. Many have really made me stop and think....THANK YOU!!
I hail from Lake Geneva by the Illinois border. Am a Colon Cancer survivor (tho in need of new test), and new in my daily walk with our Lord and Saviour. I am also anticipating a move to low income housing soon and just KNOW without a doubt that GOD has been very instramental in working everything thru...I had my doubts HE even saw 'lil ol me" amongst the masses of us here on earth...I tend to drive my pastor nuts...thus YOUR emails are truly a HUGE benefit to me....
This has been quite a year for me, for I almost could have been kicked out of where I live due to falling behind on rent, due to some failed internet money making attempts...I KNOW HE was dealing with me, slowly but surely I am 'getting there'....

These emails have been such a blessing to me that I wanted to spread this round even to those who do not have computers...

I was asked to post my letter to her in the forum and I hope this is the right place....:


I ordered the book from amazon AND the CD from your website...I plan to take the CD to my ladies support group..we are always passing around CD's....and I would like nothing better than to bring yours along as well....

your book is for a 'secret sister' of mine...I think is great intro to your website etc...I do not even know if she has a computer yet the writings are truly a help to me..:)




Hey dere Jan!

Yer from Scansin, eh? Well sit down witch'er brat an' brewski cause ya found a humdinger of a site believe you me. :D

Nice to have you part of this cyber-family!


Ya Hey Dere!! MOOOOOving in!! (Wisconsin)

'scansin?" so that is how 'radoans' call us eh?? (thought we at least be sconsin'''lol!)
Yes I got lost big time in here earlier then I remembered I had money to earn on here and went to do it..You all distinctly left an 'impression' on me...
guaranteed I won't get as deep or intellectual as many are in here as I am but a newborn in this here the seeds if watered I am sure I will grow!
Thanks for the nice welcome! 'scansin'...hmmm...<G>

Ya Hey Dere!! MOOOOOving in!! (Wisconsin)

Welcome Jan!
I had a hard time trying to figure out what you and Kirt are saying. Is that a private slang of some kind? We need some 'newborns' here, at least I do, because I keep realizing that I get stuck in certain patterns, though I don't want to. Kirt made me notice one of them.
Waiting to read more of your comments,

Ya Hey Dere!! MOOOOOving in!! (Wisconsin)

Hi Paula,

You know how Italy is known for the romance? Well Wisconsin is known for their bratwursts. There's also a certain identifiable Wisconsin dialect that can give away what region someone is from. On the other hand I suppose if I went to Wisconsin people would say "Listen to how that guy talks ... betcha he's from Colorado." Many, many years ago I worked with a lady from Sheboygan, Wisconsin and I can still hear her accent in my head. What brought it all back was Jan's statement "Ya Hey Dere!! MOOOOOving in!!" :D

Ya Hey Dere!! MOOOOOving in!! (Wisconsin)

LOL Kirt!

Now I see where ya comin from! the "Ya Hey Dere" I borrowed from a shop here in LG that 'used' to be here by that very name!

Being of the norwegian/swedish descent it seemed to 'fit' I sometimes use it as an intro..and the moooo well I like cows! What can I say?? My fav pic of my mom is when she is leaning on a fence gazing at cows in a field...she is gone is my Dad..tho the memories remain..

I am on the Matthew forum now...cannot wait to get the books...have to wait a while tho til I get resettled...


Ya Hey Dere!! MOOOOOving in!! (Wisconsin)

Hi Kirt and Jan!
Thank you for your explanation, Kirt. I better give up trying to understand. I'm having problems with the 'American' English at times, as I only studied the 'British' English at school and at work.

Jan, I can see your mother's picture. It's wonderful, made me think about my own mum. My favourite picture of her is the light she radiated every time she entered a room.


P.s. YOu know I translated the first one of the Matthew books in Italian.