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fol de rol

I'm translating Heaven #2196, For God, and I came across an expression I can't find anywhere. What might it mean:

It is giving up resistance which is a lot of fol de rolanyway.


Fol de Rol

Dearest Paula,

It's interesting to me -- I learn so much about English from this translator's corner -- I thought fol de rol came from the French, but it doesn't! I learn something with every question asked here. I am grateful to translators for asking their questions.

Does this help?


[edit] Variants

folderal, falderal or fal-de-ral

[edit] Noun



fol-de-rol (plural fol-de-rols)

1. Nonsense word traditional to English ballads and madrigals.
2. A gaudy thing of little value; a trinket.
3. Excessive efforts expended on a something trivial; much ado about nothing.

* Fol-de-rol and fiddle dee dee and fiddley faddley foddle all the wishes in the world are poppy cock and twoddle. -- lyrics to Richard Rogers' Cinderella.

fol de rol

Thankyou Gloria,

I can't find folderol anywhere, but falderal helps all right.

I'm learning a lot of new words and expressions with these translations.


fol de rol

Being a linguist myself, I always try to avoid words that are not easily understood by anyone. My motto is: if you want to be understood, use as clear and simple language as you can possibly muster - and that in any language. Resist the temptation of showing off what a clever girl/boy you are - you know you are; I know I am and that's good enough for me. I hope you don't mind me sharing this with you here; it is not meant to be a criticism and I do not want to be disrespectful to anyone.

In the hope of not having stepped on anyone's toes, God bless you all.

With love and light,
Aquarius and

Clear Expressions

Dear Aquarius,

Take it up with God! In Godwriting, I can only write down what I hear God say!

I think Paula and the other translators kind of see looking for the intended meaning as sort of an adventure!

If you to the blog, you'll find an entry called The Labor of Hercules where I say a little bit favorable about not easily knowing the meaning of words. :)

Take it up with God!

I couldn't agree more, Gloria - but don't forget that it's a gift to be simple and truths that come from God usually are beautifully simple. We, with our small earthly minds, frequently invent difficulties and misunderstandings where there aren't any. Would you agree?

With love - Aquarius