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Thanks to Berit and a question about Heaven #2263

I'm happy to tell that Berit is now helping me with the translations. She's doing the new letters so I can do the older ones, which are equally important. I'm so grateful to Berit for her precious help.

We are translating Heaven #2263, God's Love, and there's one expression we are not sure about:

This is judgment, beloveds, and judgment
is an undeniable restriction. Judgment hangs itself in the balance.

Can someone tell us the exact meaning please?

Good question and many thanks to Berit

You know how Lady Justice balances the scales? Justice is a form of judgment, yes? In this case, it is like Judgement is judging itself. It holds the scales. and it is holding itself in judgment, thus in the balance.

Does that help?

Thanks for your question, Paula. I didn't answer right away because I thought some others might want a chance to post what they thought.

And, thank you, dear Berit, for translating too. This is wonderful. You and Paula are a great team. You are always thinking of the Higher Good.

God bless you.

With love, Gloria

Never Sit In Judgement Over Anyone

The Christ Spirit speaks to us and our world: ‘Never sit in judgement over anyone; I alone know every soul’s Karma and the lessons it has come to integrate, during any given lifetime. ‘Therefore, never look down upon those who are poor in spirit; show them tolerance, compassion, kindness and love instead. And do not forget to find the same for your own small earthly self, when you look back at the past and the times when you were and still are struggling with learning to trust and through it rise above your deepest, darkest existential fears. Remind yourself frequently that the poor ones are as yet unaware that they themselves created this suffering, if not in this lifetime then in another. When you meet someone who is still walking in the dark shadows of the same ignorance you probably only recently left yourself, remember what a cold, dark, lonely and threatening existence the valley of not knowing is. This more than anything will make you want to reach out to them, take them to your heart – metaphorically speaking – and love them all the more because of their suffering.’

Extract from and preview of ‘The Random Jottings of a Stargazer’ Part Two –
which will soon be available on my website
© Aquarius 2007

With Love and Light,


This is most beautiful what you have written. I don't say this lightly. Really simple and poignant and powerful.

I love that you are particpating here. And I'm happy that you are reading Heavenletters.

Dear One, please remember this forum is not meant as a place for anyone to promote their work no matter how valuable. If you do, others will do the same, and no one will want to come here. Promoting just doesn't strike the right chord. We come here to escape it! Besides, your writing can speak for itself!

Introducing Myself

Thank you, Gloria, and my apologies. I was hoping that it would help to introduce myself and my work to those visiting this beautiful Message Board. Having done so, there'll be no need for more - promotions I mean and not no further messages.

With love - Aquarius

Thanks to Berit and a question about Heaven #2263

Dear Aquarius,

I am so happy you will post more. No apology needed, dear one.

Definitely, the more the merrier.

Very happy you're here.

Thanks to Berit and a question about Heaven #2263

Thank you and God bless you, Gloria. Happy to have found you and to be here! I hope you are all having a wonderful Valentine's Day. To me, it just means giving and receiving love to and from all those who are in our life - and that includes you.

As far as that goes, this is valid for every day. To me, this one is no different from any other day, but ...

Happy Valentine's Day anyway!
With love - Aquarius