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HEAVEN #2263 God's Love February 5, 2007

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HEAVEN #2263 God’s love February 5, 2007

God said:

When tears come, let them come. Tears free you. Just the way laughter does. There is no need to restrain tears. When they come, they come. Let them. They serve their purpose.

What I say is not to be construed as advice to make crying a hobby. Allow tears, and let them go. Tears are also meant to dry. Tears follow grief, and grief comes and goes. Do not encourage grief. It is not a badge to wear.

Tears are not to be constant any more than laughter is. Tears are an outlet, not a resource.

You have more choices than sad or happy. There is much in between. You have many rooms in your house, not just two. No longer think that you must have either sadness or happiness. Because you may not feel happy this moment doesn’t mean you have to be sad. You just have to be, beloveds.

When you think that you are My instruments, how can you be sad? How sad can you be?

When you remember how I am your Father in Heaven, how much sadness can you keep?

When you remind yourself that you are here on Earth for a purpose, how purposeless can you feel?

You are embossed across the universe. You are a streamer of My heart unfurling across the universe. You are like a ribbon that wraps up the world like a gift. You hold the world in your hands, and you offer it to Me as a gift, that which I have offered to you.

When someone throws you a ball, you catch it. Catch My love the same way. I am tossing it to you day and night. I smatter you with love. Receive My love with love. Remember that you are the one I love. You are the One.

I have been saying much to you about freeing those you love. You are freeing them to Me. Now, love yourself as well and free yourself. Free yourself from everything that holds you back. The idea of happy or sad, sad or happy, has held you back. You may have been weighing each moment and categorizing it. This is judgment, beloveds, and judgment is an undeniable restriction. Judgment hangs itself in the balance. It is heavy on you, especially when you judge yourself, your state of being, and find it remiss or far flung.

You see happiness and sadness in degrees. You see that you are too sad or too happy, too happy for it to last. Perhaps you are using the wrong scale. There is no perhaps about it. You are using the wrong scale.

Better to have no scale. Whatever scale you adopt, you have been judging yourself, and giving yourself an impossible task, and so you judge yourself as failing. Do not ask yourself Yes or No questions. If you must, ask Yes questions.

Are you alive today? Yes.

Do you have choices? Yes.

Is this your life? Yes.

Are you God’s child? Yes.

Do you matter to God? Yes.

Does God love you? Yes.

Do you care about how you live your life? Yes.

Do you know how to love? Yes.

Do you know how to love the same way you know how to breathe? Yes.

Are you waking up? Yes.

Are you more wonderful than you know? Yes.

Are you a vibrant Being? Yes.

Are you a unique individual on Earth? Yes.

Are you, at the same time, Oneness? Yes.

Are you evolving? Yes.

Are you ascending? Yes.

Are you on your way to Me?

Yes. Yes, Yes, Yes.

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HEAVEN #2263 God's Love February 5, 2007

I loved this message from God! It's almost like He keeps hearing the same questions over and over and decided to throw them all in one message and BE DONE WITH IT!
God is so cool!