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HEAVEN #2265 Well-Versed in Love February 6, 2007

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HEAVEN #2265 Well-Versed in Love February 6, 2007

God said:

Involve yourself in what matters to you. That seems so obvious, and yet you often go along with what doesn't feed your inner Being. Move yourself along, beloveds. Follow your star.

This is not telling you to be self-centered. This is tell you to be more Self-centered, if even only a little.

You don't want to wander too far away from the significance of your Being. Your Being is an essential gift I gave you. Do not forsake it. Embrace. You are a person, and you are a Divine Light. You are both. Do not give up one for the other.

You live in the world. You make your peace with it. And yet you also live in a Divine World that is already made of peace. Have the gentle intention that you will embrace your Divinity. Have the intention that you will see it more, and that, at quiet times, you will favor it.

A time will come when your Divinity and Humanness will merge into vibrant love. There will be nothing to favor, or We can say that you will favor both, for you will be so merged, there will be no telling them apart. You will be blended. This day will come, and it is not so far away as you may have thought. The thought of joy as far away discourages you. The thought of soon encourages you. Your Self-Realization could even be today. Today you could you step up to a new platform. Why not? If it is going to happen some day, one day, why not this some day of today?
Why couldn't this be the day? Is there some rule or law that says it cannot be?

That which you are going to realize tomorrow or the next day -- is there any reason that it cannot be realized today? You may not feel worthy, and yet it is your choice to feel worthy or unworthy. It is hard for you to believe that Self-Realization is a choice of yours. Will you accept that it is your choice what you are going to look at? You can look up or down or in any direction you choose.

Urge your thinking forward. Is your mouth watering for this moment of integratedness? It is simply your next step. It is in the offing. It is just around the corner.
The day is going to dawn when you see yourself as I do see you, and you will step up to the Eternity of Being. This will be very natural. At first, you might not notice. It may be that you already have not noticed, for it is a question of noticing what has always been.

We are talking about realizing your Self.

You may think that it can't be, that you, with all your baggage, that you can't possibly be what is called Self-Realized. You may think some others can, but not you.
Do you see how deep is your disbelief? Let your belief run so deep instead. Have an idea of the possibility that you, you, this Heavenly Being I am talking to right now, can arise to your natural state by recognizing it as your own, or, rather, My own.

You shadow-box with yourself, beloved. You make up opponents, when it is you who opposes yourself. You can detain your evolution, but you cannot derail it. Your evolution is nothing more than knowing right now Who you are and where you are, no matter where your body may be.
You may think you are in a garbage heap when, all the while, you are sitting by My side, well-versed in love.

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