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HEAVEN #1788


I really Loved HL #1788 The Doorway September 27.It was soooo good that I immediately took a print-out of it.

These are the Pearls of Wisdom that really
struck a chord with me:

1. You have had spurts of happiness.They visit you, lay their eggs as it were and then leave you to clean up.

2. Happiness from the world is like a mock-up. The geyser of happiness lies within you.

3. Events in the world are not the making of you. Nor are they your undoing. How the world treats you is one thing. How you treat yourself is another.

4. To find yourself, you leave yourself. You leave yourself in the sense that you let go.Find joy in not thinking so much about yourself and what you see as lack.Start giving more, and joy will fall at your feet.

5. You were happy when you weren’t thinking about yourself.

6. Sew a dress or rebuild a car, and your attention is off yourself. Desire to serve Me, and your attention is on Vastness.

7. Let your goals escape you for a while. Be God-centered.

What I mainly liked is where God writes that
Forget yourself.So True!!!That is the main cause
of misery.I myself feel miserable when I keep
thinking abt Oh,What Job should I do now?,
How do I fulfill my desires? etc.On the
other hand,times when I watch a Movie
or go out shopping with my Mom to buy
her stuff,I realised my attention is off me
and that is when I am the happiest.

Thank you God and Gloria for these Beautiful
Pearls of Wisdom that you send Daily
and which I think we have come to take it for
granted,Like Sunshine!!!


HEAVEN #1788

Oh, wow, Shahid. First Serge's comments about a Heavenletter shot an arrow to my heart, and now yours.

The pearls you chose were so succinct and powerful. You made it possible for me to read the Heavenletter with new eyes.

If I had to choose one pearl of yours, I would chose this one:

"Let your goals escape you for a while. Be God-centered."

Thank you, dear Shahid.

With love and blessings, Gloria

P.S. And that reminds me. I've got to get all of the recent Heavenletters up!