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Heaven #2244

I'm translating yesterday's Heavenletter #2244, which speaks about the importance of our thoughts. I'd like to know what exactly is meant by 'sop' in this phrase (talking about watching TV):

Why watch bank heists, addictions, and killings? Of course,
you don’t want to watch sop either.



Isn't sop a funny word?

Sop would be overly sentimental mushy gushy stuff. The opposite of bank heists, addictions, and killings. Too sentimental and cutesy. I can’t think of an example, but I bet you know what I mean!

I just went to look up the word in a big old dictionary I have.

verb sopped, sopping
1. to dip or soak in a liquid.
2. to drench
3. to take up with absorption
4. to be absorbed; soak in
5. to be or become saturated or drench

Now the noun:
1. Anything softened in liquid, as bread.
2. Anything given to pacificy, as a bribe.
3. Any soggy mass

Adjective is soppy.

The English word sop comes from the Old English word sopp. I love Old English-based words over latin-based words. Old English words are always short and so homey. Like saturate must be a latin-based word. I much prefer sop!

Thanks for your question, Paula. Sorry it took me so long to see it.

With love and blessings,