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About the last Heavenletter- the Heart being Gov of the Univ

>Dear God
>Will I see this in my lifetime? Why do I have such a resistance
>to this? I
>can go part of the way, but not all of the way. Sometimes I
>it's a bit
>sappy (sorry), sometimes I like to feel clever!, sometimes
>sometimes mischevious, sometimes mature. I don't know whether to
>learn how
>to follow my heart... or go for the "normal" life, settle down
>etc... house
>and mortgage ...or whether to follow dreams, but I can't
>what they
>are! So I'm kind of caught between a rock and a hard place. Will
>you advise.
>But joy has been absent in my life for as long as I can
>There's a
>particular way of seeing things in the Western World- I mean
>is a whole
>shift in perception- is it going to happen here? Am I so deep in
>Oh by the way Happy Christmas!!! (I just wished God a happy
>Christmas- how
>cool is that!) Ashlea my daughter is so excited, we are doing a
>radio show


This is Gloria (I think!) dear one.

You will see all you desire in this lifetime. It is for you to see.

It doesn't matter why you have resistance. Let it go.

You already know the answers to your questions.

Of course, you follow your heart, and not someone else's. You can have everything. It is not so much either/or. It is and. No trade-off necessary.

Forgetting is good. Forget more. Just be.

Longie, how God must have enjoyed and laughed at receiving your Christmas greetings!

Tell us more about your radio show!

God bless you and Ashlea.

With love, Gloria