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HEAVEN SPECIAL - December 25, 2006 Governors of the Universe

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HEAVEN SPECIAL - December 25, 2006 Governors of the Universe (Written while I was in Bucharest, Romania)

God said:
Gloria to God:

Dear God, the people at the Bucharest Godwriting™workshop were sensational. They came in pouring out love. They had already read Your book, and they loved You to begin with. They were so beautiful I don’t know what to say. It was like being in a movie, God, like Chariots of Fire, like Rocky, only better than any movie. For a little time on Earth, I knew how brilliant love could be, how there could be so much of it given and so much received, how hearts can sparkle and all the light bounce off all other hearts. God, I have had a peak experience. I understand how people want to bow down to You. My heart has been kissed by Your love given by the people in Romania who came to the Godwriting™ workshop.

Simply enjoy the love so willingly given.

You may be sure I made the point that all applause is for You, God.

Waves of glory swept through the purity of hearts rising to Me in that auditorium in a part of My world called Romania. Those waves have crossed oceans and healed many hearts. You see now how there are no borders. That room of love was like a sun that warms the world with pleasure. No country is separate from another. No heart is separate from another. The orchestra of the world is building to a great crescendo. It is just beginning.

Beloveds, there will be more than peace on Earth. Yes, there will be peace on Earth, but even peace is not enough. There will be love on Earth. There will be love.

Everyone will be greeted as though an emissary from God. There is no “as though” about it. Everyone is My emissary. All hearts will rush to embrace every heart. Everyone will be a guest in everyone’s heart. All will be mother and father, sister and brother, and son and daughter to one another, the ideals of which you have wistfully read in books. The lovingness of family will come true. All families will be healed. Every heart will fit into every other like infinite Russian dolls, one layer after another appearing, hearts leaping. Every heart on Earth will be huge and full, and yet there will be room for more love to come in. Love is going to burst forth on Earth, like flowers bursting forth all at once. The biggest bouquet of love on Earth is getting a send-off, greater than any mission in space, greater than any power in any atom, greater than any fireworks. Beloveds, hearts are going to go off. They are releasing themselves from bondage.

Hearts have been tethered like elephants to posts. And now the tethers and now the posts are removed. Joy bursts the bounds. What a celebration of love there will be! Love is going to burst forth. There will be a revolution of love. Hearts are going to rise up in rebellion to the old order. Hearts will tear up all the programs that have quelled their love. Hearts are going to announce their independence. Hearts will march. Peace parades will become love parades. Love will ride on floats in pageants. Mayors will declare every day Love on Earth Day. There will be no need to declare because love will already have taken over the world. Partisans of love will have come out of the forests. The only arms known will be the arms of love. Hearts will be disarmed. Hearts will be in an array of disarray, hearts tousled, hearts askew like hats, hearts beating to beat the band, hearts unstrapped, hearts rising, hearts demanding to burst their seams.

There is going to be a great explosion of love on Earth. You will be caught in it. You cannot escape it. Love is in the cards. It is written in your palm. It is entered in your heart. The explosion is contagious. There is no antidote to it. Get ready for love to take center stage. Love is going to walk right up to you, and you will submit. Once and for all, any thread of resistance to love will dismantle itself.

You are going to love as you have never loved before. You will not believe what you once took for love, now that your heart has opened itself and taken its rightful place as Governor of the Universe.

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