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HEAVEN #2221 From the Vastness of Your Heart December 23, 20

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HEAVEN #2221 From the Vastness of Your Heart December 23, 2006 (Written in Germany)

God said:

From the Vastness of your heart escalades love. Your heart is a like a great slide, and love slides down it and climbs back up again as easily as it slid down. Love knows no difference. This is the place of love you come from. Be in love with life, and simply come from that place of appreciation for every Being on Earth. No one is more than any other. You think so. Things of one variety or another impress you perhaps. Fame and fortune may impress you. Many letters after a name may impress you. Titles may impress you. All the frills of the world may impress you.

But the simple love from your heart, like Mine, loves all. Impress your heart with love and nothing else. If it is not for you to make judgments in this world, then it is not for you to be impressed. Even a favorable judgment is a judgment. Leave judgment alone. Judgment is a great factor in your life. You can do very well without it. You can do much better without it. You can love much more without it.

If your love is rain from Heaven, then it is to fall everywhere. It is not to be selective. Love does not point to only certain candies in the candy shop window. Within the embrace of love for all mankind, you make choices. You do not marry everyone. You simply come from a presentiment of love.

When you go to a furniture store, you pick out the furniture you want. You do not buy it all and take it home with you. Yet you appreciate the hands and hearts that made the diverse furniture before you. You see the offerings of furniture as My love, and you see rightly.

You are not to be a snob, nor are you to slobber. Simply greet all in life equally. This is what equanimity means. You don’t have to play favorites. Let all God’s children be your favorites. How fine it will be when you do not have to make up your face a certain way when you go out the door in the morning. How fine it will be when you are ready to smile to whomever greets you at your doorway. This is a non-selection process. This is allowing the love that exists within you to impart itself everywhere on everyone.

This is the only stand to take, a stand of love. How much interest can right or wrong be to you when you love? How much glory can accrue outside of the unboundedness of love?

Your life is not a question of picking up merits. You are not a boy scout seeking badges. You are a gifted Human Being seeking to give love. You are not asking to be noted. You are asking to be donator of My love on Earth. Even in dark places, you will give love amply. Wherever love is needed, you will give it. And love is needed everywhere.

We are talking about love taking its course. This is no hardy pretense of love We speak of. This is authentic love. This is love breathing from your very Being. This is love from where love dwells. This is reaching into a huge pocket of love and turning it inside out. There is no big to-do about it. There is simple emanation of love. Love cannot be complex, or it is not love. Love falls where it may, and that is everywhere. My love falls everywhere. And you are a proponent of My love.

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