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HEAVEN #2220 The Tone of the World December 22, 2006

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HEAVEN #2220 The Tone of the World December 22, 2006 (written while still in Germany)

God said:

Inspiration is a key to life. You seek inspiration. Give that which you seek. An inspirer be. Encourage the world to grow. Be one who says Yes and Yes and Yes. What is inspiration but saying Yes to life? What is inspiration but saying that whatever is desired carries its own fulfillment. Inspiration is great encouragement. Inspire yourself this day.

Inspire has to do with breathing. When you hear Yes, the bellows of your lungs expand. Your heart swells. You jump at the chance to move full steam ahead. Beloveds, you either encourage or discourage yourself as well as those around you and as well as those far from you.

Either you are inspiring growth, or you are stymieing growth. Either you open your arms wide for life, or you hold your arms folded across your chest. Either your thoughts stay the same, or they change. Either you blossom or you wither on the vine. It is not possible to do nothing. You cannot be only a visitor on Earth. You must be also a participant. Be eager to do somersaults. Be eager to leap from mountain to mountain and eager to cheer others across. Be the one who says Yes to life. Be the one who says, “This can be done.” Or say, as I say, “This will be done.” Be the one who does it. Be the one who sets off a flare. Be the one who rides the rapids. Be the one who sets hearts aflame. Be the one who blows on the campfire, emboldening the kindling to burst into flame.

It is nice to sit by the campfire. First you light the fire.

If you are a Lightworker, then you light the way. You do not hurry anyone, yet you see there is no need to delay. The time is always now. You inspire by setting the example. When you have the thought to give yourself to life, now is your chance. Do not twiddle your thumbs. Do that which is yours to do, and do it with joy. What is inspiration but joy? It is great joy to take giant steps. It is great joy to make hearts leap with the discovery of themselves. Hearts are meant to leap. Find comfort in the leaping. Your heart wants no confines, so, leap across mountains, from one peak to another. You are a mountain-leaper, no longer a mountain-climber. You are a trailblazer. You are a world-turner.

You set the tone of the world. It is for you to set the world ablaze with glory. It is for you to forge new territory. It is for you to let go of maps and chart a new course for the world. Begin with yourself. Make new marks in the sand. There has been enough following the past. The past is over now. Start over.

There is nothing to prevent you but limited ideas. Start anew. Old thinking is old thinking. Truth is timeless. History is not always Truth. Live life more than you relive it. Revitalize it. Find life out for yourself. Unchain yourself from the past. The past is a book you have read and reread. Find a new book to read. Find a new book to write, not as an instruction guide, but as an adventure story. You have read enough instructions to last a life time. Do not perpetuate one instruction upon another. Perpetuate daring. Inspire yourself to not wait for guarantees. Guarantees are a long time coming. You are not one who waits for life to get around to you. You are one who walks right up to life and says, “Here I am. Let’s go!”

You are one who takes hold of life by letting attachments go. You are one who dives into the ocean, and you splash sunlight, and you call to the world: “Come, let’s make splashes. Let’s create the world anew today.”

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