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How I Love Heavenletters

Dear Gloria,

I'm glad I found Heavenletters, they delight me every morning, when I wake up first thing I do is open my PC connect to the internet log on to my e-mail and read the daily Heavenletter, but I did not found about Heaven letters from Monica, but from a good friend from Argentina, he's originaly from South Africa named Santhan Naidoo, I meet him at the hotel I work in Oradea a quiet city on the other side of the country compare to Bucharest.You said it before and Santhan as well, that heaven letters will come in romanian as well, that would be great because I got so many friends and so many family members which would like to recive them daily but I'm afraid their English is a low budget movie, and I would really love to see them understanding heavenletters at their fullest.

Well, it was great talking to you, I hope we keep in touch and maybe try to show as many people as we can the beauty of heaven letters.

Best regards, from Oradea, looking forward to hear from you, with love Sebastian.


Dear One, I responded to you earlier under Paula's beautiful welcome, and I just found your comment now! I am so delighted.

Yes, you came to Heavenletters through Santhan, as I suspected!

And I see now that you do indeed subscribe to Heavenletters.

If you go to, you will see how much I enjoyed Romania. What a magical land.

Thank you so much for joining this forum. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

With blessings and love,