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HEAVEN #2216 Truth Lives in Another Dimension December 17, 2

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HEAVEN #2216 Truth Lives in Another Dimension December 17, 2006 (Written while I was still in Germany)

God said:

What I tell you in your heart, you can believe. You have sometimes been quick to believe other hearts over your own. This is not because you don’t value your own heart. It is just that you are not certain when it is your heart you are listening to or an idea, perhaps misguided, or your ego dressed up as heart. If you could know for certainty it was your heart whispering and not echoes of the past or effervescent whim, then you might indeed be valiant in following it. You would like proof that it is your heart speaking.

Proof can come only after the fact, beloveds. Proof is manmade. Knowing is from the heart of God. There is no proving Truth. Statistics do not apply. Truth lives in another dimension.

Sometimes you feel confident that you know what is right and then, it seems, you were mistaken. It seems you were mistaken because the results you wanted did not ensue. Perhaps you were mistaken in the results you wanted, and not in the road you chose. Life in the world is so confusing, beloveds, no wonder you sometimes feel in quandaries.

Come to the lake with Me, most beloveds, where it is serene, where the swans glide, and light sparkles and waves lap almost imperceptibly. Come in a paddle boat with Me, most beloveds, and let’s paddle your troubles away. Let Us see them for what they are. You simply don’t know what to think. Perhaps you do not have to think at all. You do not have to resolve. You do not have to solve. You do not have to say: “Now, I see, this is the way to go. This is definitely it.”

Perhaps you can simply say:

“I do not know the answers here. I do not definitely know this or know that. I do not have to know. I do not have to know that I am right or someone else is mistaken, or that someone else is right, and I am mistaken. I do not have to know anything. I do not have to be knowledgeable. My answer can be simply: ‘I do not know.” My answer can simply be: ‘I may never know.’ My answer may be: ‘I don’t have to know. There may be no answer to know.’

“Now I understand that I do not have to be concerned with answers. I am concerned with God Who loves me no matter who or what is right or wrong. So now I can let life be. I do not have to know whether someone is right in their perception or not. I do not have to know whether I am right in my perception or not. All I have to do is to give love wherever I am, and wherever I may be, give it, give it, give it to everyone I come across. I will offer My love like the air for everyone to breathe.

“This is my accepting life as it is and not trying to make it over in my image. Correct and incorrect can be mixed all together. I do not have to sort them out!

“I am not overshadowed when someone likes a candy I don’t. I certainly don’t mind. I don’t question it. I don’t start thinking that I should also like that candy and give deference to the tastes of another. I simply eat the candy I like, and leave others to theirs. And so I am with the thoughts of others. I do not have to ascertain their validity. It is enough the thoughts are there. Their thoughts are no more significant than hair color.

“Thank God, I am finally learning to free others, and, in so doing, I free myself.”

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