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HEAVEN #2200 Where is love not? December 2, 2006

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HEAVEN #2200 Where is love not? December 2, 2006

God said:

Love is never absent. You would not be on Earth without love. You would not exist without love. Even in your darkest most drear moments, you are full of love. You can know this because you know how your heart lifts when love enters. Your eyes look up. Love from outside stirs the love inside you. Love was there all the time. Its head was down, and then it looked up. Love opens your heart, and love unlocks other hearts. Love loves.

When the lid is down on a treasure chest, you do not automatically think that the jewels are all gone. You have a sense of security when it comes to chests made of wood and metal. When it comes to the treasures of your own heart, when the cover is down, you have the notion that love has flown away. Anyway, where could it fly to, beloveds?

There is no heart that exists without love. None. That is hard for you to believe. Yet love buried is still love. Love in a heart torn, asleep, dried up, damaged, or cruel is still love. Awareness of love can be absent, but love never. When you sleep, your heart still beats. Absence of love does not exist. Listen to the beat of love on Earth. It is My heart you hear. Your heart thrums with Mine.

Do you really think that love can be absent anywhere? In the most unloving of circumstances where love is not apparent, there is still love. It may have cut itself off, but it cannot leave the premises. It can turn its face to the wall. It can hide itself. It can be turned upside down. But it cannot leave. Even a dried-up heart can be cracked open. Even the driest sand in the desert can produce life.

Even when you hate, you are possessed of love. If love were not, hate would not be. Yet even hate is not an opposite to love. It is a dangling twisted thread of it. Even hate is a kind of love. Hate seeks to own, to come closer, to oversee, to direct, to thrash in throes of a misguided ecstasy. Hate is love contracted, distorted. Hate is an orphan of love.

I know you shake your head. Your logical mind cannot accept what I say. You are sure you have known loveless people. You are certain you have had times without any love in your own heart. You have read about mass unlove. You have perceived wars vacant of love. But not even wars would be fought if love were not.

Love can be misconstrued. It can be beaten down, squashed, trampled on, but love is never destroyed. It always perks up.

Humankind are not the only possessors of love. The crust of the Earth loves. The ground you walk on is love. The green of the grass is filled with the chlorophyll of love. Ants love. Trees love. The sun in the sky loves. What do the stars and the moon and all planets do but love? Could they exist without love? Nothing in the relative world can exist without love. And in the world that is not relative only love in its pure form exists. If you do not see love today, you will tomorrow.

Have you not agreed that I am everywhere? If I am everywhere, then where is love not?

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