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HEAVEN #2201 By Chance or Design December 3, 2006

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HEAVEN #2201 By Chance or Design December 3, 2006

God said:

If you did not see troubles, would you have them? If you did not think of turns in the road as troubles, perhaps there would just be turns in the road. If you did not have the words for trouble, problems, difficulties, how much of them would you have? If you did not carry the concept of trouble, how fraught with trouble could you be?

If you would view each event in life before you simply as an event in life before you, nothing more than a turn in the road, how much easier life would be. As it is, you even count troubles before they arrive.

You think of this and that that you fear you will be called on to do, either by chance or design, and you quaver or even clutch your throat. This could happen. That could happen. And you start chewing your nails. What is happening right now, beloveds? Right now you may be sitting before your computer. How hard can that be? Or perhaps you are worrying that it will crash someday. You have heard to let tomorrow take care of itself. There is nothing else for you to do. Now you have today. Now you have only this portion of today. This little bit you can take care of right now.

When you think of all that you have to do today, you may panic. How will you ever get it all done? Yet what can you do about it now but to get started and attend to what is in front of you right now? You can run up and down your list, yet how is that getting the list shortened, beloveds?

Consider your list of all you have to do today like a line of people waiting to get into a movie. One at a time gets past the silk rope. One at a time each person gets in. This is how you accomplish tasks.

Instead of caterwauling about all you have to do, congratulate yourself on all you have done. Congratulate yourself whether it was perfect or imperfect. Congratulate yourself on not having to be perfect. Certainly there are people who need to take greater pains, but there are too many of My children who take too many pains. Let go of the need for perfection. It paralyzes you. Your goal is not perfection. Perfection, beloveds, is a kind of self-absorption. To be perfectly happy regardless of what you are engaged in, that is a different story. Yes, beloveds, be perfectly happy.

Of your list of things to do, who says you have to follow a certain order? Who says you have to rate the contents of your list according to priorities? Perhaps the real priority is to hurry up and do the ones you most like to do. See then how much easier the others will be to get done. Why, you will get them done lickety-split.

To do your preferences first is not stalling, beloveds. It is giving yourself the energy to go further. If you were a runner who jumps hurdles, you would start with the smaller and easier ones first. Maybe you can sneak it the biggest hurdle in between two favored tasks. Once you do it, maybe you will find it is not so enormous a task as you thought. Maybe you will whip right through it.

You are not a robot who can perform like a robot. Involve your heart, and all will follow, one after the other. Tasks will melt before you like butter, and your list will be done and over with. Nothing is such a big deal as you make it. Have you not found that to be true?

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