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HEAVEN #2199 The Circle of Your Heart December 1, 2006

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HEAVEN #2199 The Circle of Your Heart December 1, 2006

God said:

Must you have the last word? Am I not the alpha and the omega? In an argument, must you fight to the end? In another period of time, you might have set a duel to prove your rightness. You know what I'm talking about. You are bound and determined to prove to the other person that you are right, and they are wrong. Must you hold on tight to the bitter end?

If you are right, you are right. What is it that makes you feel so strongly that someone else has to know you are right and admit that you are right. Tell Me, beloveds, what does it matter?

You believe one way, and another believes another. What is so essential that you, beloved, must be crowned king of the argument? Even if you have perfect proof, what are you so needy about that you have to have agreement as if your life depended upon it? Surely, you can get up from an argument. Why did you think the one across from you had to?

What does it cost you to say: "Perhaps you are right." Or to say: "We certainly see it differently." Or to say: "It really doesn't matter that much, does it?"

Some will argue over the spelling of a word, or the pronunciation of a word, consult the dictionary, and then find they are both right. What a disappointment that is to you. It was a tie. No more fighting, and the wind has gone out of your sails. You wanted war to continue.

Instead of having to be the one who is right, be the one who has to concede before the other one does. Say, "Yes, yes." You neither have to agree nor disagree. You can simply stop the prattling. Surely you have something better to do with your time and energy. Say, "Yes, yes" and then talk about something else or knit a sweater or paint a wall.

Sometimes you would rather fight even when it means you will be sorry later. You hold on tightly. You like to fight, and I wonder why. Perhaps it gets your attention off other things that are really bothering you. Perhaps you feel discounted, as if your existence is not acknowledged, as if you have been overlooked, as if you don't count or count for much, and so you demand that you are heard. You will make someone take notice of you if you can.

Call a truce. Come from a different angle. Come from no angle at all. Come from the circle of your heart where peace reigns. The god of winning is a false god, beloveds.

Why does being disagreed with get your goat so much? What is at stake for you? Were you once always wrong? Perhaps always on the losing side, and now you feel you must make up for it? Dear Ones, when two people arm-wrestle, what does it really mean that one was stronger than the other? Must you be mightier than someone else? Does might make right? Perhaps you think it is does. Perhaps you have a need to prove that you are powerful. I tell you that you are powerful. Let what I say fill your need.

Maybe you need practice in not getting into a huff about things. When an argument starts to escalate, shrug your shoulders instead.

We are talking about bickering, beloveds, and I would like you to refrain from it.

If you must have a good argument, argue about who is going to give more to the other. Have a good time. Outdo yourselves.

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