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Archangel Raphael on Healing the Planet

Archangel Raphael on Healing the Planet

through Lisa, 9th October, 2006

Archangel Raphael at your service, Lisa. Many of you do not know that I am the Archangel of healing. My name means "God cures". I am pleased that you call upon me. I wish to discuss your water source and how you can help your planet. All incarnated souls are connected to the same energy as the earth. So it would make sense that you are made of the same energy as the water as well. All water in the universe comes from God. It is the most important substance of all because it sustains life. Each drop consists of molecules, electrons and prana. Yes, prana. You could help your planet immensely by blessing the prana in the water daily. This can be done by holding a glass of water with both hands. Visualize God's energy entering your crown, going into your heart, to your hands and into the water. You are simply telling the water to remember it's perfection. You are raising the vibrations of the prana in the water.
Each of you vibrates at a certain frequency, the higher your frequency, the higher you will raise the vibration of the water. The water rejuvenates itself, becoming clear, pure and energized. You will automatically energize yourself by drinking it.

You may also bless the water in a lake by using the same method. Just a few droplets from the lake can be blessed and returned to it. It will raise the vibrations of the whole lake. Visualize the lake returning to its natural purity.

You may bless any water source this way: oceans, streams, rivers, or even the water from your showers. Why not the waste water you flush down your drains as well. The waste water lays stagnant on your planet.

Do you not see how this method can swiftly raise the vibrations of the whole planet? All of life will drink this water and raise their frequencies.

I ask only this one favor from you. It is such a simple task to do. I am Archangel Raphael. Receive my healing. I now shower you with Rays of Emerald green. Feel them permeate every cell of your body. Feel the release of anxiety, replaced with wellbeing, thankfulness, and joy. I thank you for your dedication and patience. Each of you is very special to me. Together we will heal your planet.

L: Thank you so much for sharing this information with us. It is such an easy way to help our planet.

A: You are most welcome Lisa.

Archangel Raphael on Healing the Planet

Thankyou Gloria Janaya,
this is a beatiful way to help our planet. I read the same thing somewhere else, but it's so easy to forget these simple things.

This Is To Honor Our Life Sacredest Element: Water

Thanks Paula.

On the Water:

Some experts say that we possess 75% of it, others 80% and even others, 85%.

Whatever be the percentage it is a jewel of the creation. It is crystalline, it is health, purity, relief. It represents our blood, our emotions and feelings.

Dr. Masaru Emoto says: If you are water, imagine what you can do with your thoughts.

A hug,

Gloria Helena