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Very pleased to meet you Paula ...

A lot of thanks, dear Paula. I am very very glad for your beautiful words.

It is very nice to meet you. I had already guessed that you were going to answer me in such a gentle way. I apologyze for my English. I use basically to translate from English to Spanish but not on the contrary and I cannot evaluate it so that I am not an English native.

"Janaya" was given to me in dreams and I only knew that it was my cosmic name. But it sounds to me like an Hindu mantram. I do not know which is its origin. I suppose it is lost in the times night. But I tell you that I have other two, perhaps those of my Guides - "Cultivo Blanco" (White Crop) and "Luz de Mayo" (May's Light). I am already going to assemble all a lexic. My Spirit knows me very well and He cannot deceive me.

God bless you eternally.

Your Friend,

Gloria Janaya