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Introduction ...

Who Am I?

I Am That Who I Am ...

I am a God's creature, one spark of Him. I am connected to You and to All. ALL are ONE.

My current name is Gloria Helena Restrepo C. and my spiritual one is Janaya (God's pupil). I am from Bogotá, Colombia. Lastly, I have came translating some beautiful Heavenletters which has been to me a great reason of proud, honour and a joy.

I hope to be able to continue fulfilling this wonderful task for the time that were necessary.

My actual expectation is so much wisdom and insight to transmit appropriately the Divine Word in my capacity of God's scribe.

Light & Love,

Gloria Helena

Introduction ...

Welcome Gloria Helena!
It's nice to know translators from so many countries. Your presentation resonates with my heart so much that I could have written it myself.

Where does the name Janaya come from? What language is it?
Gloria Helena sounds also beautiful, like a praise to God.
Nice to have you here!