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HEAVEN #2186 The Knower October 31, 2006

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HEAVEN #2186 The Knower October 31, 2006

God said:

There are no life and death decisions. All is life. Whatever you decide, you have chosen life. Be not dismayed. No decision is a big decision. You think so, yes. All decisions come out in the wash, beloveds. They will not matter.

Whatever you are embraced in matters to you. It is important to you. But nothing is urgent. So in that sense, nothing is all-important. Whether you win this pennant or not, whether you get into med school or not, whether you find a job, get a raise, buy a house or rent, whether you stay in your body a long time or short -- it is not crucial, beloveds. It is all a play in time. Like the weather, it is not immobile. It will change all on its own without supervision from you.

Rise to a great height, and you will see from a vaster perspective.

You will see the importance of love. You will see that nothing can cast love aside. You will see that there is no end to love and no end to life. Life continues willy-nilly, beloveds. Your life continues. Rain or shine, you continue. Not despite this and that and not because of this and that, but because life is eternal. You cannot stop it. Death is fiction with a good press. Death certificates are signed. Bodies are buried. It is considered that death is proven. What the eyes can see is too little. Only a fraction of life is attested to. There is the unseen. There is the known Unknown, the unknown Known, the Known, and the Knowing, and you, beloved, you are the Knower.

Evidence is limited and limiting. There is no limit to life. There is no limit to you. There is no time, yet you have all the time in the world.

Love is paramount. You are involved in love. You may dance in and out of love, you may dance toward love or away from love, yet love is always in the center of your life. You do not take your eyes off it. You are winding love throughout the universe. You stitch love. You are the loom that love is woven upon.

Love never runs out. You may run away from it, yet you cannot escape it. Fear is not stronger than love. Fear is nothing next to love. Everything is nothing next to love. There is nothing next to love. Hate may be an aversion to love, but it does not hold a candle to love. Hate cannot last. It burns up in its own fire. Only love is unscathed.

Love has no history. It is ever-fresh. It is a flowing river. You have love, and yet you cannot catch it. You certainly can’t stop it.

You can decide for love, yet love is not a decision you make. Whether you approve it or not, love has its way. There is a flood of love, and you are swept up in it. There is a parade of love going on. There is dance music being played, and you cannot resist. First you tap your foot, and then you have to get up and dance. The dance of love is irresistible, and no one, no one, is left out. You cannot withstand love. No matter how you may have tried, love catches you up, swings you, will not let you go.

When you came to Earth, the decision for love was built in. You can recognize it now or not, but you cannot undo it. You cannot sever your connection with love. Love has claimed you. You might as well claim it now. Long live love. It lives in your heart.

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Oct 31 Heaven Letter

Absolutely beautiful! So many nuggets of pure truth here that spoke so directly to me. Thank you!

The Knower - Knows all things ...

God - the Father is the great Knower, God the Mother is the emotional one, but what great knowledge the Father bears on love. This message today really touched my heart on issues I'm going through. A prayer I had on my walk through the woods this morning with my dog - this was the Father's answer to it. I had thanked Him for love. And oh, how I can feel the love just warming my heart all the more!

Thank you, Gloria - you're such a beautiful vessel of God's voice! Blessings and love to you, dear!