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HEAVEN #2187 God’s Will November 1, 2006

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HEAVEN #2187 God’s Will November 1, 2006

God said:

You are not a secret agent of God. At the same time, you are not the tour guide. You serve at My behest. Remember, you may leave clues, but they are My clues that you leave. They are not yours. You can leave My clues silently or in the open. In any case, My clues – the clues to Me -- are there for others to discover on their own. I must be everyone’s unique discovery. You cannot discover Me for another. Let your life lead. Be a reminder of Me, not something that someone has to go around or be overwhelmed by, or follow.

You chose Me. The promptings came from your own soul. No matter how gradually, suddenly, one day, you were here before Me. Somehow you found yourself before Me. You, One, alone. Even if you were in a crowd of thousands, you were One, alone, standing before Me. Entirely of your own will, you appeared before Me. You didn’t know how you got here, what particular series of events or thoughts brought you, but you knew you had to come, you knew you had to be here, and you, you, alone, appeared. No one pushed you. No one ordered you. Solely, silently, you appeared. And so you entered the kingdom of your own heart.

It is true that you will bring other hearts to Me, but you do not deliver them. They can hitch a ride with you, but you take no one. There is no kidnapping, everyone is free, free to stumble, free to go the long way round, free to run toward Me and free to run away in their imaginings. You, beloveds, are not taking scalps for a head count. You are not seeking victory. You are not saving souls. You merely sing your song, and some will sing with you. You merely walk down a lane, and some will walk with you. You merely call My Name, and others will call it with you. You are not the orchestra leader. You do not wield a baton. You sing a song of Me. Through the engenderings of your life, you sing a song of Me, a simple song of Me.

You do not sweep people to Me. You do not create a landslide.

This is not your show. It is Mine. It has to stay Mine, beloveds. That others follow you is not necessary. That you follow Me, that is necessary. It is necessary because that is your choice. It is My choice, too, yet it is everyone’s choice, and you must leave others to Me and themselves.

You are not a canvasser of souls. You are not a census taker. You merely come to Me, and allow others to come to Me in their own way in their own time. It is not for you to think that you save souls. The world sees that there are those who need saving, but that is the world. Every being on Earth is already saved. I have saved them in My heart. Before you found Me, I saved you, safe and sound in the folds of My heart. What I do for you, I do for all others. It is already done. I have called all to prayer. I said My prayers, as it were. I know My Will. I know the power of My Will, and you might call that prayer. My Will will be known. To say that My Will is done is not rhetoric. My Will is done.

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