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The Dash

I received this from Kate Nowak from May You Be Blessed. The movie is worth seeing:

I've never met poet Linda Ellis, but I can tell by her writing that
she must be a devout discoverer of life's miracles, too. You may
not recognize Linda's name, but are probably familiar with one of
her poems, a simply beautiful word song on the value of life
entitled, "The Dash". Recently, my friend Mac Anderson of Simple
Truths, Inc. joined with Linda to create a flash presentation
showcasing the poem.

The presentation takes only three minutes to watch, but those three
minutes can truly change the way you think about life. I hope it
will touch you as much as it touched me.

Now, turn up the volume on your PC then click on the following
link to watch The Dash Movie (or cut and paste into your browser)


The Dash

Awesome! Thanks Paula!