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HEAVEN #2154 The Beginning of Joy September 29, 2006

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HEAVEN #2154 The Beginning of Joy September 29, 2006

God said:

Compassion is recognizing that someone else is also you. You feel for another, and you are feeling for yourself.

Remember that compassion is not commiseration. Just as you know better than to stay in despair yourself, so must you not fortify another’s despair. Listen, but do not stew with another. Understand, and get up. Despair is to be short-lived, not added onto. Whatever the cause, no matter the depth, everyone must get up from it, and give life another chance.

Hurt may be accepted for a moment, but despair, no. Despair’s time has to be cut short. Whatever occurs in life, kiss it goodbye. It is already the past, and the past has to be let go of. Begrudgingly or not, the past has to be abandoned, the same way as you step out of mud. The past is quicksand, beloveds, and it would hold you there, and so you would sink further and further into it.

You would not stay in despair unless you took some comfort in it, or felt it was your obligation. It is worthy to leave despair now. When you break a dish, you know to sweep up the pieces. If milk has spilt, you can only wipe it, wring out the cloth, and pour yourself another glass.

Life is not meant to be sorrow. Sorrow is the aberration, beloveds. It is not meant to be a way of life. Take hardship in life in your stride. If your stride is not big enough, make it bigger now. Take long steps. Get out of where you are. Whatever the doldrums you are in, get out.

You have experienced enough hurt in your life. Do not tarry there. Now is time to delve into joy. The orange you wanted is gone. Squeeze juice from the oranges that are left. Using what you have is not settling for less. It is a beginning of joy. Absent yourself from hurt, no matter what the cause. Whatever occurred, do not take it so personally. Do not take it so to heart. Bless it, and get up from it.

Believe that you are entitled to joy. Whatever has occurred, it is not a black mark against you. It is an event that occurred, that’s all. If you find yourself unable to mend your own sorrow, then help mend someone else’s. A little thing may open another’s heart. Such a little thing. Dispense some consideration to another now.

Say little. Be more. Ascend to Greatness today. Today is the best day for it. This moment is the right time, the best time. Someone’s heart is aching right now. You cannot cure it for them, but you can think of something. A little thing is a big thing. Uplift another, and you uplift yourself. You can do it without words. You can do it better without words. Sometimes just sitting next to a soul is enough. Wordless, you raise their spirits. Your presence raises their spirits.

Get up from your own despair whether you are ready or not. Be courageous, and get up. With or without tears, get up. You must. Despair has run its course. Soon or late, you must arise. You are going to anyway, so do it now. You have reclined on a bed of sorrow long enough. Now get up and wash your tears. Open the window-shades, and look out. There is a world out there, and you are part of it. Get up and serve the universe once again. The world is a self-serve ice cream parlor.

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