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HEAVEN #2152 Be an Angel September 27, 2006

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HEAVEN #2152 Be an Angel September 27, 2006

God said:

Behold, I send angels to you. What else would I send to you, beloveds? Angels from Heaven come in many forms, and you are one. And all who come to you are angels, regardless of their form. Many come in disguise, but you are not to be fooled.

Know whom you are talking to. Know who it is that appears before you. There are no exceptions. Understandably, many disguises are terribly good. They fool you. They have even fooled the wearer of the disguise. He doesn’t know who he is any more than you know who you are.

But let’s accept for a moment that you are an angel of Mine, sent to Earth to reveal Me. It is easier for you to accept that you are a messenger of God’s than to accept that you are one of My angels masquerading on Earth. But they are the same thing. Angel means messenger of God. Do you think you need a special costume?

You have been appointed. I appointed you. I said: “Go to Earth. Be an angel there. Remind everyone of who they are. There is so much forgetting on Earth, so much forgetting and so much remembering of inconsequential things like events here and there and what someone said or did many years ago. Return to the present, beloveds, and to your position as a foremost angel of Mine.”

When I say Be an angel, I mean it. That’s exactly what I mean. Remember what you are and what you mean to Me. And then be it. Be what you are. Stop being what you are not. I do not make up stories. I have too much love to give -- and to give through you -- than to make up stories to tell you. I speak to you plainly.

You are angel thoughts of Mine. You flew from My heart and landed on Earth. What are angels but rays of My thought? And what are My thoughts but songs of My heart? My thoughts are not encyclopedic. They are angelic. I thought of you. That was enough, and the physical illusion of you was born. That does not change that you are a ray of My thought.

Rays perpetually emanate from Me. They are not of their own making. The rays of the sun extend from the sun. Rays of God extend from God. You are light that I beam out. You do not belong to yourself. You belong to Me. That means you are a part of Me. Of course, I said to My rays: “I give you free will. Shine where you like. I even give you the awkward choice of not shining. You can hide your light under a barrel, if you choose. You have choice so you can know you come to Me. You can choose to forget whatever you like. You can also choose to remember.”

Remember Who made you, beloveds. Venture into the world and yet stay close to My heart. Be bold on My behalf. Live your life on My behalf. Begin to know the Vastness that you are and proclaim it to all, not in words, but in presence.

Even if you have to imagine it, imagine yourself swathed in My golden light. Imagine My golden light shining back at Me. Be the smile of your life. Smile My light. Let it beam out. My golden light is within you and surrounds you. Be guided, not misguided. You are My light, sent to Earth. You are My light, and nothing but My light. I am the Light of the Universe. So, then, are you. Be it today. Beam My light today.

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