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HEAVEN #2151 The Labyrinth of the World September 26, 2006

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HEAVEN #2151 The Labyrinth of the World September 26, 2006

God said:

All the ingredients of life you have. There are none missing. When you feel that life, or your life, is missing something, what do you think you are missing? What can be missing, beloveds, when you are connected to Me? When you do not feel yourself as part of Me, or even feel Me partly, or you deny Me, or refuse Me, you are on a tangent of your own making.

When you feel far away, you have drawn an island, and pictured yourself on it. You can only draw an island with you and a palm tree on it. You can only imagine it. It is never so. And you can't find your way around on an island of your imagining. You cannot count the grains of sand. They run through your fingers. You can, however, locate the Maker of the Sand. Do not absent yourself from That which you reflect. You are made in My image, not in the world's, and not in yours.

And never, not even for one moment, think I am absent from you. You stand on your deserted island, and you wave at a passing ship, thinking that any passing ship can rescue you, when, all the while, you already have a liner at your disposal. You have covered your eyes to block the sun, and therefore you do not see. Or you look too far into the distance across a sea and miss out on seeing the sparkles of the sea right before you. That you are a reflection of Me escapes your attention.

There is no deserted island. Nor can you be abandoned on it. Nor can you really abandon Me, although you can do a good job of believing in abandonment. You convince yourself very well. The world is absurd, yet you have made a god of it. You look to it for guidance. The world has great guile. The relative world gives great evidence of disparity. It is made up of disparity. You don't have to seek evidence of disparity. Every newspaper headline yells it. When will a headline read, "God is here." Imagine that instead of all the things that you imagine.

Imagine a world where God is prime in the world's perception. That God is prime is the actuality, and God is Infinity and Eternity as well. Nevertheless, a Hollywood movie of temporariness attracts a huge audience. The movie version is believed in, bowed down to, worshipped. You may have accepted it as your master. You have accepted it as your master. You have let it rule you. You have made yourself its subject. The relative world has become the Czar of life, absolute ruler, and you, its absolute subject, its absolutely abject.subject.

I have given you freedom of will, whereas the world gives only lip service to it, if it gives it at all. The world offers you tea or coffee, while the menu I offer you extends across the horizon. There is no end to the possibilities I offer you on the relative plane. Infinite choices. And yet I ask one choice of you, and that is to choose Me, rain or shine. What else are you going to invest in, beloveds, that can give you the return? What else can help you through the labyrinth of the world, help you to see the absurdity of the world and yet love it?

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