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HEAVEN #2150 A Golden Door September 25, 2006

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HEAVEN #2150 A Golden Door September 25, 2006

God said:

You might as well enjoy the day that is before you. What are your other choices? You don’t want them. You have had enough of them. No matter what, beloveds, enjoy your day. Shrug your shoulders, and enjoy. And if you cannot enjoy, then, appreciate.

Even if you are grieving, there is something to appreciate. Appreciate even that you have the capacity to grieve, that you have something to grieve about, that your heart cares, that you can feel, that you do feel.

There is no true loss, beloveds, but if you think there is, then appreciate that you had something or someone to lose. And then appreciate your appreciation, and keep your appreciation high.

On the other hand, when someone appears before you, and you find the person annoying, at least appreciate that you know you don’t have to be annoyed. Even appreciate that there is someone before you on this planet Earth. Even appreciate that you are in a position to be annoyed rather than in great pain. What is annoyance? It is a little thing about little things.

Appreciate that you know better. Even when you get caught in the trap of annoyance, you can appreciate that you are not always annoyed.

Appreciate the loveliness of life and that you can participate in it.

You are capable of planting a flower. Now plant appreciation in your heart.

Why moan and complain? Why have aches and pains about life when you can dance with it?

Embrace life. Do not cast it aside. Do not hang back from it. Enter into life. Lead life, and lead others in life. Lead by example. In any case, you do. You lead others in something. Perhaps you are a leading critic in life. Change your hat. Become a leader of joy in life. Be a pied piper of enjoyment. The world has enough critics.

There is much in life that you are to take for granted. Take goodness for granted. Take splendor for granted. But do not take people for granted. Although Earth life is given to you, do not take it for granted. Its length is short. Life is forever, but Earth Life is not. Get the best out of life while you have it, and give life your best, give your best to every inch of life. Do not wait for another day. Another day is already here. And you are here, and I am here, and the world and all its accoutrements are here for you.

The sun shines, and rain drizzles. It snows, and snow melts. Trees bloom, and trees shed their leaves. And you are forward-moving. You move forward in life.

If you had only one soup bone to chew, you would chew it well. You would make good use of it. At this juncture, you have one life on Earth. It is the one you have now. Chew it well.

If you had only one orange, you would squeeze all the juice from it. You would eat the rind and the seeds. You wouldn’t toss it away carelessly. You would savor every bit of it.

If there were one door to open, you would open it. Life is a golden door you have, and you have it to open. Open it without hesitation. It is not for you to debate what is behind it. It is the only door you have to open, so you open it. You do not stand at the threshold with your hand on the knob forever. Turn the knob. Open the door. Walk in. Find the gifts. There are great treasures behind this door. Find them. They are yours.

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