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HEAVEN #2153 The Arena of Soul September 28, 2006

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HEAVEN #2153 The Arena of Soul September 28, 2006

God said:

Let Me be your model. Emulate Me, and you will come closer to the truth of yourself.

I do not ask you to erase yourself, but I do ask you to not be self-centered. You have to think beyond yourself. You have to know that you encompass more than the body you are in. Self-centered gets tiring very soon. Nor is the reward of selfishness enough for a great soul like you. You may disdain that you are a great soul, but that is what you are growing to. The hat fits. Put it on.

I designed you to extend My love. Wherever there seems to be none, that is where you are to give My love. You also are giving My love when you respond to love given you.

I ask you to be truly who you are. It is not for Myself alone that I ask this. You understand that, don’t you? I am a Father Who thinks of your welfare and yet gives you the freedom to digress. I watch over you at the same time as I let you free. You are to do this as well. Let people be, and still be the Truth of yourself.

There is not one soul on Earth that I do not embrace. And so must you.

In order to do this, you have to let go of division. Think of people and people of all nations and religions as souls. No longer think of American or Chinese nor of Christian nor non-Christian. Do not judge a soul by the clothing it wears. Stay out of the details of differentiation, and get into the arena of soul, blessed souls. Even if some are vain or cruel, see the truth of them so they may get a handle on who they are. I know this seems far-fetched to you.

Beloveds, even if someone is going to shoot you, let them shoot you while you have some love in your heart. What would you bequeath to the world – love, or hurt, resentment, fear? Do you want to give the world what it has too much of or something that it needs? Love is yours to give. Under any circumstances, love is yours to give.

If you truly recognize that each soul on Earth is a child of Mine, I think you would treat everyone differently. In daily commerce, you may have forgotten you are dealing with children of Mine. You forget you are a child of Mine as well. You throw off a cape of love and put on a cloak of numbers. You add them up. You deal in profit and loss and forget love.

Businesses are going to become schools of love. And this will be profitable. Hard dealings are short range. Now business vision will go far. Your vision will go far.

In homes, parents will respect children, and children will respect parents. Disregard will go out of style. There will no longer be need for boot camps. There will no longer be need for remedy because love will abound in leaps and bounds. No one will be left out.

Love will become the theme of Earth. Not lovey-dovey love, don’t worry. There will be honesty and love. There will not be exaggeration nor falseness. Love will be true. It will be the backdrop of Earth.

You have all experienced love, and now you will experience more of it until everything less flies out the window. Next to love, everything else is less, so only love will remain. Only love will reign. Love is freeing, not stifling. You will be free to love, and you will love freely. Your heart will be so expanded that there is nothing else for you to do but to love without ties, just to love to your heart’s content, just to love, and to know that love is all, and that you are that which you give.

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