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HEAVEN #2140 A Particular Simultaneity. September 15, 2006

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HEAVEN #2140 A Particular Simultaneity. September 15, 2006

God said:

Stir your heart to the dial where you anticipate the arrival of miracles. Turn it up loud. Why not anticipate a miracle today? Goodness knows, there are plenty of them. Wonder about what miracle, big or little, is waiting around the corner for you. I say big or little in deference to you because that is how you perceive events in the world. You rank them high or low, big or little, wanted, unwanted. Some miracles you like, and some you don't. Some suit you, and some don't. Are not the untowardly things also miracles? Has not the universe lined up in such a way that energies converge and one thing happens after another?

But let Us, you and I, speak of the miracles you adore. Of course, there is no greater miracle than you. Note the miracle of the sunrise and the nightfall, and know there is still no miracle greater than you. You have the capability of perceiving miracles.

You know the miracle of birth. All of humanity is its own miracle.

It is a miracle that your fingers can type. Every invention of man is its own kind of miracle.

And what is an invention and what is a miracle? A particular simultaneity. A particular coming together. An idea pops into place. The very person you have been thinking about and wanting to see appears around the corner. The book you desired is handed to you. A ray of the sunlight falls in such a way on a leaf on a tree, and you are in awe of how the sunlight falls on the leaf. A butterfly appears. And bees and butterflies pollinate the flowers. What an intricacy of exchange the miracle of the world is.

You perform miracles. You mix some ingredients together, pop them into the oven, and you have a cake. You take ground coffee and make it into a drink. If you had never seen such things before, you would know the miracle of them.

You give your kitten and puppy some food, and through your gift of food, they grow. Even their fur grows. And a dog's tail wags. Doesn't that beat all?

And sleep? What kind of a miracle is that? And waking up?

And eyes that can see, and ears that can hear, and faces that can smile.

Tell Me, beloveds, is there something in life that you cannot list as a miracle? Even a mosquito is a miracle. Itching is. A bruise is. Water is. The moon is. Above all, you are. You are a miracle who performs miracles. You. You perform them right and left. All the overt world is a miracle. Life is a miracle. Even though it is a natural event, it is a miracle. All natural events are miracles.

The miracle of words. These words on a page mean something to you. That you can read is a miracle. What miracle is there than cannot happen?

What miracle do you want to have happen? It has already happened. Perhaps you want the miracle of peace instead of the mirage of war? Peace already is, beloveds. Someone has pushed back the waves of love. What a tremendous miracle that is. Peace and love covered up with a blanket of war or even a minor disturbance.

Man has reached the moon, and still someone harbors resentment against his brother. The absurdity of it all.

Do you want to create a miracle? A miracle of love and peace? That's easy. Give up anger. Give up all negative thoughts. Let go of the past that you blame for negative thoughts. Let go of facts and figures. Prove peace and love by your beautiful thoughts. Abjure from anything that is not peace and love, and you will miracles see...

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