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HEAVEN #2142 You Have a Soul September 17, 2006

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HEAVEN #2142 You Have a Soul September 17, 2006

God said:

Whatever happens in the world, it is better to not take it personally. This applies to the plaudits as well as the pans. Neither be inflated nor deflated. Whatever someone else says or does has to do with them. They speak for themselves. Their words and actions speak for them. You do not incur what they say and do. They may think you incur their words and actions, but you incur your own. You are responsible for your own words and actions, not those of someone else.

Beloveds, do not let your heart be trampled because someone else is not feeling at one with the universe. You are not a chameleon to take on the colors of your environment. Quite the contrary, you are the one I have chosen to make the moods of the world beautiful, no matter what colors surround you, regardless of anything on Earth.

This does not make you a bulldozer. This makes you a considerate driver. If someone honks, it doesn't mean you must do the same.

It is too easy to feel you are the victim of someone else's moods. Be your own hero instead. Heroes don't feel offended. They see what needs to be done, and they do it.

Do not feel hassled by what someone else says or does. All on Earth are visitors, trying to find their way. They don't know what to make of conditions and mores here. They don't know what their rightful place is. They don't know what to make of you either. They take your words and actions seriously, as if an affront to them, when it is only you, also trying to make your way in the world.

Stay at a distance if you must, but don't make a fuss. You know the road that fuss will take you down -- a full escalation of hurt and temper. Get out of the way as much as you can. Certainly, emotionally, stay out of it.

Was there ever any sense to a fight? Is it really healthy to vent and get your two cents' worth in? Stick up for yourself by rising higher. There is no score to settle. There is only life to live, and how you live it is your choice. Choose to live it well.

If someone curses you, don't curse them back.

If someone belittles you, don't belittle them back.

You have a soul, and they have a soul. Remember your soul, and remember theirs. For the few minutes that you are on Earth, be kind. Be kind all way round. You are not kind to yourself when you get upset. Is getting upset worth it?

Sometimes the bravest way is not the most popular. Be brave. Be original. Be wise. Be true to all that is good, and good within you. Perhaps silence is the best course. Just be on your way to a higher road.

If you did not have ego, you would not need to defend so much.

No one has the right to treat you badly. When you know that, when your ego believes that, you will not have to fuss and fume. You will not have to give tit for tat. You can get up. You will have already risen. Now you come from a different angle. Give the understanding you would like to have. Give the one who is displeased with you the same kindness you wish he would give you.

It is easy to talk about mercy on a grand scale. Now I ask you to be merciful in the small engagements of life. Make the unworthy worthy. Above all, have trust in yourself and not so much in the flagrant opinions of others.

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