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HEAVEN #2139 The Hand of Heaven September 14, 2006

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HEAVEN #2139 The Hand of Heaven September 14, 2006

God said:

When you stand at a threshold, you are there to step over it and enter what is beyond. You are, right now, on a threshold of life. You are on a threshold of life every day. Walk through. I Who accompany you will also be waiting for you on the other side of the threshold. I will take you by the hand and lead you through. This threshold you cross over is not the eye of the needle. It is Heaven entire.

You who are the Knower yet pass through unknown daily life. You who are the Reality go down a made-up path. You move along the Monopoly Board, and it becomes an important thing. You are the little car you move along the board, and yet you are the hand that moves it, and none of it is really real. However, it is taken very seriously how you clomp along around the board,It matters. You have chosen to play Let's Pretend and pretend you haven't. You watch how the other little symbols move along the board as well, and your heart goes up and down, as if, when you reach the end, you don't go around the course again and all the others right along with you.

What a board game is perpetuated on Earth! What an old novelty! And how earnestly you prance around the board every day. Will you now take it in your stride? Will you enjoy it enormously and yet not be swept up in it to the extent that you forget your true Identify? Can you hop along, and still remember your Greater Self Who leads a different life, one not limited to the board, one that takes off into the realms of Vastness? Actually, you lead a life that never leaves the borderless Vastness, never steps away for even one moment, even though your fickle mind sets Truth aside as it engages in fantasy, and calls the fantasy all that there is. This is the logic of the logical mind. It would rather ignore anything that is not immediate data. The logical mind has a hole in its head, and only lets in what fits and may keep out all that which is greater. And the mind does this with great delight.

The logical mind proves fantasy true with glee, and eliminates Truth because it doesn't fit onto the board of the mind. You see, there was no demarcation for it, no little block set up for it in living color, and so Truth was not admitted, and yet, despite all the maneuvers of the mind, Truth is never kept out. Never kept out, always present, yet it bides its time. It knows it will be discovered. One day it will appear like a starlet having an ice cream soda at a soda fountain in a drug store, and then will enter Stardom. You will watch the reels of the world and know what you are watching and will know Who is watching, where you come from, and what you are really about.

The hand of Heaven will be on your shoulder, and your hand will cover Heaven's hand on your shoulder. It is like you will be at the roulette table with the House behind you, making sure the dice are thrown in your favor.

Beloveds, the game of life is fixed. The Watcher knows it. You are the Watcher, and you know it. Embroiled in life, you know you are not. Invested in life, you know all you have in the Bank. Even if you are the Bank of England, you have a huger vault. It is the whole Vault of Heaven, and it is at your disposal. Turn the key of love and enter.

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