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HEAVEN #2138 September 13, 2006

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HEAVEN #2138 September 13, 2006

God said:

You are in life, or you are on the utskirts. Be in life. No more waiting for life to happen. Make it happen before your very eyes. Grab life by the lapels. Catch on to it as you would a rope on a mountain. Move with it. Welcome life like a hand held out to you.

You can't hurry life at the same time as you can't always wait for it. Life is going to go on whether you bid it or not. Better to bid it. Venture out with life. Don't hold back on it.

You are in the swirl of life. You cannot pretend that you are not. Have you not in the past sometimes set yourself aside, off in a corner, out of the middle of life, just to be waving fringe on the edges?

Here's the thing. You are an observer in life. You do see yourself from a little distance. It is as if one thing or another is happening to you. You are observer. At the same time as you are a witness to life, I respectfully suggest that you also move your legs.

Once again, I suggest that you be involved in life at the same time as you observe it, to be involved but not overwhelmingly involved, not involved to the extent that you are knocked about as if on rough rocks. Your feelings about life do not have to go up and down according to particular outer instances. You are not a yo-yo at the mercy of the hand that holds it. Of course, a yo-yo is limited in what it can do, and you are unlimited.

In a way, I am asking you not to believe in life so much, not be so fervent about it, so vested in it. At the same, I ask you to care with all your heart, and still be disconnected from results. Is this not what it means when it is said to live in the moment? When you are in the moment, you do not ask what happens next. If you did, you would not be in the moment. Despite what you may have always thought, it is counterproductive to always look at results as though they were important, as if they were grades on paper in school that seem to be crucial when they really aren't much at all. If life is a race, run it, and enjoy the run. Let coming in first be enjoyable but not necessary. Don't let coming in last be a mortal wound. You entered the race, you ran, you gave it your all. I congratulate you. Both the tortoise and the hare went at their own rate. Maybe it was okay for the hare to take a break. Really, why was it so important that he pass the finish line first?

Much of the sorrow in life comes from looking at results. If you looked at Christ's life from the angle of immediate result, you might say he lost. In truth, he ran the race like a hero, and the love he gave is still circling the world. Because he was arrested does not mean he failed. He did what he was. He lived his consciousness. Whatever his end in the world, he blessed the world.

Do you see now how there can be no failure, only the appearance, only a worldly opinion because of certain parameters set. This is the meaning of relative life. It has a particular whim or opinion set as absolute when the relative is only relative -- one day the Earth is flat -- another it is round.

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