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HEAVEN #2137 Beyond the Borders of Yourself September 12, 20

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HEAVEN #2137 Beyond the Borders of Yourself September 12, 2006

God said:

There may be a moment in your life when you say to yourself: "What for? What is this life for?" The answer, beloveds, the answer is you are on Earth for Me, I Who sent you, I Who experience through you, I Who love you with all My Being.

In any case, you are not here for yourself. You are a servant of God, and so you serve. One way or another, you serve. Serve well, My dearest love, serve well.

See beyond the borders of yourself. See Me, and see for Me. Stand on a mountaintop. Scan the horizon, and tell Me what you see. Acknowledge Me. Report to Me. We are in constant communication, as if with a walkie-talkie. There never is a disconnection. Even if you were to hang up, you couldn't break the unbreakable connection. I hear you regardless of anything.

You might as well talk to Me. Tell Me about your day. Point out the scenery. Tell Me about My creation. Tell Me what you love about it. Let Me know your appreciation. Let Me know your appreciation so you know your appreciation. Everything you say to Me, you hear. Hear Me. And hear yourself.

Who could dream a world as beautiful as I have made? Who would have dreamed the faithful stars, winking at you a thousand times a thousand times a thousand, sparkling lovelight all the way form Heaven.

Who would have dreamed a moon going off on her own, waxing and waning, mysterious, as a lady with a fan, drifting in and out of the world, like shifts in consciousness.

Who would have dreamed the glorious sun, fervent in its yellowness, feeding the multitudes with its light, filling all of Earth with its light gladly, spending its light wholesomely, spreading its light. As the Earth moves, the sun says: "I come before you at God's bidding. I am your sun. I am God's, and I am yours. It is God Who sent me, and it is God Who sent you. We have the same purpose. There is none other. Only light to shine and light to give. I never pretend otherwise."

Who could dream the waters, their waves, the depth and breadth of them? Man made wells and dippers for water. God made the waters and gave them to you for your enjoyment and nurturance. God made the fish who swim and the tide of the moon.

Who could have dreamed soil and all that would come from it? Who would have thought of flowers and seeds and sap and leaves and trees growing to the sun?

Come now, be honest. Who could have dreamed of fruit and all the juicy kinds and colors? Black figs and red berries and golden apples and yellow grapefruit and orange papaya with its dark seeds? Who would have dreamed of ripe or unripe and falling from a tree?

Who would have dreamed of vegetables?

Who would have dreamed of you?

Who would have planted the forests and made all kinds of beautiful animals to live therein?

Who would have made temperatures, from steaming hot to freezing cold?

Who would have thought of the magnificence of love?

Who would have determined the infinite Eternity?

Who would have made Vastness?

Who would complain about My beautiful Creation, made for you, made for you to play in, to adore, to tend, to marvel over?. Who would not value the bounty of life on Earth in all its beauty? Who would see error? Who would cast a stone at the wondrousness I have made, set before you, given you fully with all My heart? Who would say, "No, thank You, God." Who would say, "Thanks but no thanks. I have better things to dream."

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