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HEAVEN #2136 September 11, 2006

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HEAVEN #2136 September 11, 2006

God said:

Time does not exist, and yet you don't have a minute to waste. Any time without joy is a time-waster. Oh, yes, good will come from it and so forth. I ask you: "Why not joy right along?"

When your attention is on other things than love, you suffer. You may think that when a loved one drops his body on Earth and rises to Heaven, and you weep and mourn, that that is love. It is bemoaning the perceived loss of love, beloveds. As though the humble body were the source and goal of love.

In life, your loved one pointed you to love, and now you point and appoint yourself.

Missing isn't the same as love. Missing is announcing a hole in your heart. Do not think Me callous when I tell you to never mind filling the hole. There are two things for you to do. Move yourself closer to Me and to give love to fill the holes in other people's hearts.

We know no one can take the place of your loved one who moved on. There is no substitute for the exact shape and heft of love you had, but there is love, and it is for you to give it. You are the road-paver who fills the pot holes. You are not overblown about it, yet you nevertheless fill the holes in the road. Then the drive of life is smoother for everyone.

Let no opportunity to give love pass you by. Opportunities to love are the signposts of life. They tell you what everyone knows and yet keeps secret. There is love. And love exists regardless of anything else. Love is always available. Therefore, avail yourself of love in your heart right now.

You do live in a land of love. Even a desert is full of love. Water the desert, and flowers will bloom. The flowers were there all the time. The desert was filled with blooms yet they were not visible until the sand received the rain of love.

Be the bringer of love into the universe instead of a bemoaner of the lack of it. How simple. What a remedy for all the ills of the world. What a simple prescription. Give love. Love more, and the chimes of Heaven ring, and all the gears of the world shift into place, and you are revved up, and love is stirred, and love comes forward to make its speech so that all may hear. And yet love's speech is silent. A flower grows in silence. You don't hear its growing. It grows from a seed of love. First it is a sprout, and then it is a flower in full bloom. That is how love grows in your heart, and that is how it grows in the world. And one flower leaves more seeds in its place, like breadcrumbs of love.

Love does not have to be seen to be there, but it does have to be noted. Take mental notes on love today. Where do you see it peeking out? What corner is it around? In whose eyes do you see a reflection of love, and is the love not yours? Even if it is dedicated to someone else, it is yours. A glimpse of love is enough. When the faucet of love is turned on, it is turned on. Love can only flow from it. Even a drop of love is love.

The faucet of love from Heaven has been turned on full-blast. Get ready for love, beloveds. Have your hearts ready like cups held out. Catch the love. Drink it, and pass it on. What else is there for you to do?

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