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HEAVEN #2135 The Story of a Butterfly Bush September 10, 20

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HEAVEN #2135 The Story of a Butterfly Bush September 10, 2006

God said:

Seasons come, and seasons go, and I AM always, and you are always, and you are always with Me. You cannot depart from Me any more than I can depart from you. Wedded in love, WE ARE.

When you have felt alone, perhaps unwanted, alienated, you have allowed yourself to be misguided, beloveds. You misguided yourself. You told yourself stories that were not true. You made them up, and you believed them. Such is the folly of life. Such is the suffering.

There are true stories to tell, and they are all love stories.

There is the story of how a butterfly bush loves its flowers and loves the butterfly and loves you who behold this little immortalized moment of nature's love affair. How the birds sing to each other, and let you listen in. How the moon drops by and follows you in the night sky. How the sun leans over to shed its light on you. Such intimacy. Such Oneness.

How a shiny red apple asks you to eat it. How it makes itself into applesauce and pies for you, how it will be dried so you can eat it later. How walnuts fall from trees to be eaten or to make more walnut trees to grow. How a watermelon bursts with juice and its love for you.

How treaded wheels touch the road that men's backs in service made. How cars drive in unison. How telephone poles stand tall. How the telephone rings, and someone answers it. How stair steps bend, and your steps make a sound on the stairs, and someone is glad to hear you're the sound of your steps. And how everything on Earth is combined with everything else including pauses and breezes blowing.

There is nothing alone in the universe. Day isn't alone, and night isn't alone. Not one stir happens on one side of the Earth that does not reach the other side. Even tears come in pairs. Two-ness is how you know there is Oneness. There is Oneness of Heart, beloveds.

Gravity may keep the Earth in place, but it is joy that moves it upward. Let your joy lift the Earth and bring it, in everyone's perception, to its rightful place as the chariot of Heaven. The Earth was not meant to be a vagabond or a drifter or an unknown character without roots. The Earth's roots are in Heaven, and Heaven tows Earth ever upward until it stays. Then Earth and Heaven will dance together, and you will have the ride of your life.

The strings that pull Earth upwards are your laughter and joy. Be you the forerunner of ascension. Don't wait for it. Be it!

Do not think suffering is a requirement for life on Earth. There has been enough suffering. You don't have to count on it. What does suffering profit you? Perhaps suffering heaps attention on you. Let laughter reap joy on you instead. Suffering loves you to stay in it. Stay with Me instead.

Have you perhaps become dependent upon suffering, finding it Old Reliable? Have you perhaps worn suffering on your chest like a shiny medal? Now wear joy. Picture all the imaginary medals of joy on your chest, pinned there like stars. Suffering is a bunch of nothing, beloveds. I know you think it's weighty, but you're also the one who believes that death can you part. So much for your comprehension of the journey you are vested in. Instead of comprehension, you have apprehension.

There is one reason to do anything, and that is for joy. You may ask, what about duty then? Beloveds, duty is to bring you joy. It is a well-worn path that is to pull joy from your heart.

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