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HEAVEN #2133 The King of Hearts September 8, 2006

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HEAVEN #2133 The King of Hearts September 8, 2006

God said:

I am stirring your heart now. I am diving into your consciousness and bringing it closer to Mine. I harbor you in My heart. I am the King of Hearts, beloveds. I am your high card. Use Me. Let My resources be yours.

I am your founding Father. You are a wish I made on a star, and you came true. You do not begin to know how much I love you. I love you as My own, which you are.

Feel a splash of My love. Let it moisten your heart. Swim in the love I pour down from Heaven for you. Swim in My love. Stay afloat in My heart. Catch onto Me. Understand My love, and you understand Me.

I am great Intelligence, and I am great Love. It is not possible to separate Love and Intelligence. One captures the other. They are indivisible. My love is wise, and My intelligence is love. I have one spear. I am not two-pronged. I am God.

The overflowing Ocean is My love. My love overflows. There is nowhere you don't meet it. You are meeting My love all the time. There is not one minute that you are without My love. You are bathed in My love. You are wrapped in My love. Be enrapt.

Feel My love. It will not overshadow you because the Sun lights it. There cannot be too much of My love. Drowning in the Ocean of My love, or burning up in the Fire of My Love, you come up through it. You are unscathed. You are not burnt up, but you are aflame with love, and you are soaked through with love. It splashes off you.

Be loved. Know you are. I lift your chin and ask you to gaze into Eyes. Lose yourself in them. Be overcome with them. Let My eyes possess you. Then you are free.

You know you are not free now. You know you are bound. You say you want to be free -- then come to Me with dispatch. Come to Me without further ado.

You need no lessons. You need to let go of lessons. You need no rules. There are no prerequisites. If prerequisite be, it is My Love and that was given long ago and never withdrawn. You are ready for Me right now without further ado. But you like the seeking Me, don't you. You make it a project. Beloveds, I am a simple God. I ask nothing of you but that you come to Me, not erstwhile, but now. Get up from where you are. The doors of My heart, as if it had any, are wide open. I have been waiting for you for a long time. I have waited patiently until this day of your awakening to the love that I AM.

I am in every cell of you, every brain cell, every muscle. What did you think you were if not My love? What can you be but My love? Where can you go where My love is not? Where is My love not? My love is even in the midst of war, although you fear it is not. Obscured or not, My love is, and you are the recipient of it. You are no less than the trees and flowers, and flowers bloom even in war.

My love is conveyed to you in an ever-widening stream. My love is conveyed, but how do I convey to you the realization of My love? What would it take for you to know My love and that it abounds and abounds in you? What sign do you need? What sign have I not given? Give Me a sign, beloved. Give Me your hand so that I may lead you deeper into My heart where you abide.

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